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See the Potteries List section for the Water Lane Pottery.

c1774 It appears that around this time he may have been in partnership with his brother, William Taylor I, in the Water Lane Pottery as they are mentioned together in a document of 1774.

The son of Joseph Taylor I, he was the brother of William Taylor I (A).

1739 21 Nov. He was baptised, the son of Joseph Taylor, potter (RPR).
1756 22 Jun. He was apprenticed to his father (A, Ao).
1761 25 Feb. ‘Joseph Taylor of the parish of Temple in the City of Bristol, potter, aged 18 years’, was one of the lives on a lease between the Feoffees of Temple Church Lands and William White, carpenter (BRO Temple Ab 295).  Also see below – 29 Sep 1790.
1771 30 May. He was granted a licence to marry Jane Cooper of Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire, at Mangotsfield (M).
1771 8 Jun. ‘Monday was married at Mangotsfield, Mr Joseph Taylor, potter, of this City, to Miss Cooper, Niece of David Cooper, Esq., of Moorend’ (FFJ).
1774 4 Jul. He was mentioned as occupying premises in Temple Backs with his brother, William Taylor (BG).
1780 24 Feb. Probably the Mr Taylor mentioned when ‘Wednesday (23 Feb. 1780) died Capt. Taylor, in Great Garden, brother to Mr Taylor, potter of this city’ (BG).
1790 29 Sep. ‘Joseph Taylor of the said City of Bristol, late potter but now Malster, aged about 48 years’ was one of the lives on a lease (BRO Temple Ab 346(5)).


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