SPOKES William

Posted on: October 24th, 2016 by webfooted

Born c1811.

He was convicted in the Bristol Riots of 1831 and transported to Patrick Plains, New South Wales, Australia.
Sentence: Life. Former Convictions: None. Occupation: Potter and bargeman. Religion: Protestant. Education: Reads and writes. Native place: Bristol. Married, two children.
Description: Age 22. Height 5ft 5½in. Complexion: dark sallow. Hair: brown. Eyes: hazel. Remarks: WSMS on upper, JS on lower right arm, MSSS upper left arm
Spokes obtained a ticket-of-leave, dated 11 Feb 1841, and was allowed to remain in the District of Patrick Plains; he received a Conditional Pardon, dated 10 July 1848.
(Amey, G. 1979. City under fire: the Bristol Riots and aftermath. Lutterworth Press, pages 210-211)

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