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See the Potteries List section for the St Philip’s Pottery 7.

The Pottery had previously been run by his father, John Spokes I. Samuel seems to have been in partnership with his father from 1844-47.

1848 Samuel Spokes ran the St Philip’s Pottery 7.

Then Pottery was then taken over by John T. Spokes I.


Born c1807 in Lambeth, London, the son of John Spokes I (51C, Ancestry website).

1807 1 Nov. Probably the Samuel Spokes, son of John and Mary Spokes, who was baptised at St Mary’s church, Lambeth, London (Ancestry website).
1836 19 May. An Act to alter the line of the Great Western Railway. Schedule of lands in St Philip and Jacob parish included: ‘Owner: Samuel Spokes, Occupier: Himself, Tenement and yard’.
1840 1 Jan. Convicted of assault at the Bristol City Sessions. Fined 40s. The potter Colston Pearce was also convicted of assault on the same day (PRO HO27, Piece 60, page 291).
1841 Potter, Avon Street, St Philips (30), born in Bristol, living with his wife Sarah (30) born in Bristol and children Mary (12), Clara (9) and Elizabeth (7) all born in Bristol (41C).
1844-48 Samuel Spokes, brown and stone ware potter, Avon Street (MD).
1851 Pauper, formerly a potter, 1 Avon Street Pottery, St Philip’s parish (42), living with his daughter Betty (17) a cotton weaver, born in Bristol, and his father, John Spokes I, and mother, Mary (51C).
Mary, born c1829 in Bristol (41C), Clara, born c1832 in Bristol (41C), Elizabeth/Betty, born c1834 in Bristol (41C)


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