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See the Potteries List section for the St Philip’s Pottery 7.

The Pottery had previously been run by his step-mother, Sarah Spokes.

1872-c86 John T. Spokes II ran the St Philip’s Pottery 7.

It appears that John T. Spokes II gave up the Pottery in about 1886 and became an earthenware dealer.  The Pottery then seems to have been taken over by Cooper and Company.


Born 1830 in St Philip’s parish, the son of John T. Spokes I and Susan Spokes (PPR, 61C).

1861 24 Avon Street, St Philip’s parish (30), living with his parents John T. Spokes and Sarah Spokes (his step-mother) (61C).
1871 Red ware potter, North of railway bridge, Avon Street (38), living with his step-mother, Sarah (45) (71C).
1872-86 J.T. Spokes, redware potter, Avon Street (MD).
1873 22 Dec. A reference to J.T. Spokes, redware pottery, St Philip’s (Western Daily Press).
1874 29 Aug. ‘Wanted. A redware burner. Mr J.T. Spokes, Redware Pottery, Avon Street, St Philip’s’ (Bristol Mercury).
1874 17 Oct. ‘Wanted, a redware potter. Apply J.T. Spokes, St Philip’s Pottery (Bristol Mercury).
1882 15 Apr. ‘Wanted, two potters. Apply J.T. Spokes, St Philip’s Pottery’ (Bristol Mercury).
1882 25 Jul. ‘Wanted, two small ware potters. Apply to J.T. Spokes, St Philip’s Pottery, Avon Street’ (Western Daily Press).
1886 1 Feb. ‘Redware potter wanted. Apply to J.T. Spokes, Redware Pottery, St Philip’s’ (Bristol Mercury).
1886 27 Mar. ‘Garden pots and red ware, all kinds of vases for painting, at J.T. Spokes’ Pottery, Avon Street’ (Western Daily Press).
1886 20 Jul & 12 Aug. ‘For sale, a bay horse, 16 hands high, rising five years. Apply to J.T. Spokes Pottery, Avon Street, St Philip’s’ (Bristol Mercury, Western Daily Press).
1888-96 Primrose Villa, Eastville (no trade given) (WD).
1889 J. Spokes, Earthenware dealers, Avon Street (Bennett’s Business D).
1896 28 Mar. A retired red ware potter he died at Primrose Villa, Fishponds Road, Eastville. Probate was granted on 18 May to William Spokes, a mason. His effects were valued at £242.13s.8d (PRO National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966).


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