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See the Potteries List section for the St Philip’s Pottery 5.

The Pottery had previously been run by her husband, Samuel Sheppard, who died in October 1823.

1823-28 Mary Sheppard ran the St Philip’s Pottery 5.

The Pottery was advertised to let in 1828 and was taken over by Jonathan Flood, but it probably continued to be owned by the Sheppard family as William Sheppard was still paying rates on the property in 1833.


1825-28 Mary Sheppard, brown ware potter, Avon Street (MD).
1828 27 Sep. ‘To be let, and entered upon immediately, a red ware pottery, situate in Avon Street, St Philip’s, and for may years carried on by Mr Samuel Sheppard, deceased. Apply to Mrs Sheppard, on the premises’ (Bristol Mercury).
1833 Cheese Lane and Avon Street. Wm. Sheppard, beer shop £5; Pottery £5 (BRO EP/A/47).
1842 St Philip and Jacob parish, tithe apportionment: Henry Sheppard, house and garden; land, void; Pottery, void (PRO IR/29/13/155).


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