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Born c1810 in Bedminster, the father of Emma Saunders II (61C).

1836 16 Oct. Bedminster (RPR).
1838 1 Jul. Colstons Street (RPR).
1841 Journeyman potter, Orchard Place, Bedminster (30), living with his wife Mary (25), born in county, and children (41C).
1842 16 Oct. Bedminster (RPR).
1861 Red ware potter, 38 Tyler Street, St Philip’s parish (51), living with his children Emma (24) a red ware potter and William (17), both born in Bedminster (61C).
Wife Mary
Emma, bapt 16 Oct 1836 (RPR); William John, bapt 1 Jul 1838 (RPR); William, bapt 16 Oct 1842 (RPR); Mary, born c1850 in Bedminster (61C)


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