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1681 20 Jun. Peter Sainthill petitioned for freedom of the city and was granted his freedom on 3 September on payment of a £2 fine (CCP).
1681 15 Sep. ‘Peter Sainthill, Potter, is admitted into ye libties of this Cittie, by ord’r of ye Mayo and Aldm. and Comon Councell assembled, for ye Fine of Forty shillings and ordinary Fees, hath taken ye Oath of Allegeance £2.4s.6d’ (F, CCP).
1690 13 Oct. He was described as a potter of Bristol when his son, Philip, was apprenticed to Nicholas Andrews, mariner (A).
1696 He was living in Redcliff Street, St Mary Redcliffe parish with his wife Anne, and children, Thomas, Martha and Susan (Ralph & Williams 1968, 117).
1697 27 Feb. Peter Sainthill, potter, was one of the appraisers for Martha Jenkin’s inventory (BRO Inventory 1696/17).
1698 ‘St Mary Redcliff Peter Senthill 3s’ (BRO Rate 3 Will III c.10).
1708 19 Jul. Ann Sainthill buried (RPR).
1718 6 May. ‘Peter Sainthill, aged about 60’ buried (RPR).
With wife Anne
Thomas Sainthill, 2 May 1698 (A, Ar).


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