ROPER Richard Colston I

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Born c1827 in ST Mary Redcliffe parish, the father of John Colston Roper and Richard Colston Roper II (61C, 71C, Ao).

1827 30 Dec. He was baptised in Temple church, the son of John and Rebecca Roper (Ancestry website).
1841 1 Dec. He was apprenticed to William and Constance Powell with 1s (A, Ao).
1849 16 Dec. Harris’s Cottages, St Mary Redcliffe parish (RPR).
1849 30 Dec. Cathay, St Mary Redcliffe parish (RPR).
1850 & 52 Cathay, St Mary Redcliffe parish (RPR).
1851 Potter thrower, 10 Harris Cottages, Bedminster (24) (51C).
1861 Potter’s labourer, 19 Somerset Square, Bedminster (34), living with his wife Elizabeth (27) a housekeeper, born in Bristol and children John (14), Richard (9) and Sarah (9) all born in Bristol (61C). [Note: his wife was called Sarah Ann in the baptism of his children].
1863 6 Aug. He was noted as a potter when his son John Colston Roper was apprenticed to W.A.F. Powell (Ao).
1865 2 Oct. He was noted as a stoneware potter when his son Richard Colston Roper II was apprenticed to W.A.F. Powell (Ao).
1871 Stoneware potter, widower, 5 Pools Crescent, Bedminster (44), living with his children John C., Richard C. and Sarah Ann (71C).
1881 Potter thrower, widower, 5 Pooles Crescent, Bedminster (54) (81C).
1888 He died in Bedminster (Ancestry website).
Wife Sarah Ann
David Williams, bapt 16 Dec 1849 (RPR), John Colston, born c1847 in St Mary Redcliffe parish, bapt 30 Dec 1849 (51C, RPR), Richard Colston, born c1850 in Bedminster, bapt 31 Mar 1850 (51C, RPR), Sarah Ann Weymouth, bapt 14 Nov 1852 (RPR)


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