Posted on: October 19th, 2016 by webfooted

The father of James Philips Rivers.

1802 18 Oct. He was apprenticed to Joseph and Sarah Ring (A, Ao).
1812 4 Jan.  He obtained his freedom (F).
1812 Avon Street, Temple parish (P).
1813 25 Apr. Temple Street, Temple parish on the baptism of his son James Philips.  Wife Susan (TPR).
1827 15 May. Coronation Road when he to his son James Philips Rivers as an apprentice (Ao).
1830 Temple Street, Temple parish (P).
1832 Charlotte Street, Bedminster (P).
1835 Charlotte Street, Bedminster (P).
1841 [Occupation illegible], Cart Lane, Temple parish (60) (41C).
1851 Potter, widower, lodging at Back Street, St Nicholas parish (66) (51C).


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