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See the Potteries List section for the Water Lane Pottery.

The partnership between William Taylor I, Henry Carter and Elizabeth Ring was dissolved on 31 December 1791 and Elizabeth Ring retired from the firm which continued under the name of Ring and Carter (Robert Ring and Henry Carter).

1792-97 Robert Ring and Henry Carter ran the Water Lane Pottery.

In 1798 the Pottery was being operated by Henry Carter alone.


Born c1739, he was the brother of Joseph Ring I.

1739 2 May. He was born in his parents house in Thomas Street, the son of Joseph and Sarah Ring (PRO RG6/1655 Monthly Meeting of Bristol: Birth Notes, 1721-1750).
1760 4 Sep. Probably the Robert Ring, hooper, who became free as he was the apprentice of Sarah Ring, widow of Joseph Ring, hooper (F, G).
1771 22 Aug. A cooper, he married Mary Frank, the daughter of Richard Frank (PRO RG6/0128 Monthly Meeting of Bristol: Marriages, 1703-1776).
1771 29 Aug. ‘Thursday was married at the Quaker Meeting, Mr Robert Ring, cooper, Thomas Street, to Miss Polly Frank, daughter of Mr Frank, potter, on Redcliffe-back’ (BG).  See also Richard Frank.
1791 31 Dec. He entered into partnership with Henry Carter at the Water Lane Pottery, the firm being known as Ring and Carter (BMBJ for 11 Feb 1792).
1792 11 Feb. It was advertised that the partnership in the Water Lane Pottery between Elizabeth Ring, William Taylor and Henry Carter had been dissolved on 31 December 1791 and that ‘The Manufactory being now carried on in future by Robert Ring and Henry Carter, under the firm of Ring and Carter, who take this opportunity of claiming the attention of the Merchants, Captains, Traders and the Public in general, assuring them their orders shall be attended to with the utmost punctuality and dispatch’ (BMBJ).
1792 28 Sep. He was described as a potter of St Thomas Street (Ao).
1793/4 Ring and Carter, only manufacturers of Queen’s Ware, Temple Back (MD).
1794 8 Feb. ‘Queen’s Ware Manufactory. Ring and Carter, Manufacturers, Having opened a Retail Warehouse, at No. 7 Bath-Street, take the liberty to inform their Friends and the Public, that they can be supplied there upon the same terms as at their Manufactory, Water-lane, Temple-street, where all export and country orders continue to be received and executed with their usual punctuality and dispatch’ (BMBJ).
1795 Ring and Carter, only manufacturers of Queen’s Ware, Temple Back, and retail warehouse, 7 Bath Street (MD).
1796 2 Jul. ‘Ring and Carter. Potter and Manufacturer of Earthen Wares, Having removed their Retail Trade from No. 7 to No. 14 Bath-Street take the liberty to solicit the attention of their Friends, assuring them that from the extensive Ware-Rooms they are now removed to, they are enabled to supply them and the Public with every variety of Articles, either ornamental or useful. N.B. The Manufactory carried on at Temple Backs, where all Wholesale and Export Orders are executed with punctuality and expedition’ (BMBJ).
1797 4 Mar. The firm of Ring and Carter added their name to the resolution that ‘In order to prevent any Inconvenience that may result to the Community and to preserve Public Confidence in this Emergency, that we will accept and we earnestly recommend to all our Fellow Citizens to take in Payment, the Promissory Notes of the several Bankers of this city …’ (BMBJ). [Note: the Panic of 1797 occurred when the Bank of England suspended specie payments during concerns that a run on banks might cause their collapse.  This had been precipitated by an attempted French invasion of South Wales on 25 February].
1818 11 Jun. He was described as deceased when William Distin took his freedom (F).
Rate and tax book entries:
Property 1
29 Sep 1796-21 Dec 1797 Ring and Carter Water Lane (Temple-L,LS,W)Property 2
25 Sep 1796-29 Sep 1798 Ring and Carter Bath Street (Temple-L,LS,Wa)
William Distin, 28 Sep 1792 (A)-11 Jun 1818 (F)
Benjamin Dungey, 28 Sep 1792 (A)
Thomas Page, 28 Sep 1792 (A)
Children: Mary, born 1772 (QR); John, born 1773, died 1773 (QR); Robert, born 1774, died 1835 (QR); Thomas, born 1776 (QR); Ann, born 1777 (QR); Martha, born 1779 (QR); Dennis, born 1782 (QR)

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