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See the Potteries List section for the Water Lane Pottery.

In 1798 the Water Lane Pottery had been operated by Henry Carter alone but by 1800 a partnership existed between Henry Carter and Joseph Ring II, both Joseph Ring II and Henry Carter being described as potters in Water Lane, and the concern being known as Henry Carter and Company.  However, at some point Carter and Ring also entered into partnership with John Decimus Pountney, although the date of this is not known.

1800-13 Joseph Ring II ran the Water Lane Pottery in partnership with Henry Carter and, in 1813, also with John Decimus Pountney.

The partnership between Henry Carter, Joseph Ring II and John Decimus Pountney form in April 1813 ended with Joseph’s death in May 1813 and the partnership was then between Henry Carter and John Decimus Pountney.

Joseph Ring II carried on his mother, Elizabeth’s, pottery and glass warehouse in Bath Street from at least 1808, probably after she had opened a pottery saleroom in High Street.

After Joseph Ring II’s death the china warehouse was carried on by his widow, Sarah Ring.


Born c1772, the son of Joseph Ring I, he was the brother of Richard Frank Ring I, and the husband of Sarah Ring (QR).

1772 2 Sep. Born, the son of Joseph and Elizabeth Ring (Ancestry website).
1795 14 Sep. Joseph Ring married Sara Wallis in the parish of St Peter and Paul in Bath.  The register was signed by Peggy and Anthony Amatt as witnesses (Pountney 1920, 104).
1796 30 Apr.  He obtained his freedom as he was the son of Joseph Ring, a cabinet maker (F).
1797 8 Apr. ‘To be Sold by Auction. A Good Substantial Brick-fronted Messuage, with a Garden adjoining … situate at the upper end of Water lane, opposite Temple Back … and consisting of a good parlour, 4 good lodging rooms, two garrets, counting house, kitchen, cellar, convenient out houses, and well supplied with both sorts of water, in the occupation of Mr Joseph Ring, as tenant at will, at the nett yearly rent of £15’ (BMBJ).
1800-02 Joseph Ring, potter, 2 Water Lane (MD).
1802-06 Water Lane (Ao).
1803-07 Joseph Ring, potter, 3 Water Lane (MD).
1804-05 Joseph Ring, Water Lane [next to Henry Carter], potter, windows 19 (Temple-W).
1805 8 Aug. He was described as an enamel painter on Joseph Bull’s apprenticeship (A).
1805-07 Henry Carter & Co. Sugar, chimney and garden pot manufactory, Water Lane, Temple Back (MD).
1807 10 Sep. ‘The retail warehouse, at no. 14, Bath Street, opposite the Porter Brewery, carried on by Joseph Ring, who has a constant supply of the most elegant and fashionable assortments of china, glass, and earthen-ware, which he is enabled to sell on the most reasonable terms’ (FFJ).
1807 5 Dec. ‘Patent etching on glass and china, warehouse, no. 14 Bath Street, Bristol.  Joseph Ring, respectfully announces to his friends and the public, that in addition to a large and general stock of goods, he has just received for their inspection an elegant assortment of patent etching on glass, with historical and rural subjects, borders, etc., of a very recent invention …’ (FFJ).
1808-13 Temple Back (Ao).
1808-13 Henry Carter & Co. Manufacturers of printed, painted, enamelled and cream coloured earthenwares, Water Lane, Temple Back. Retail warehouse for glass, china, earthenware, etc., 14 Bath Street (MD).
1808-14 Joseph Ring, china and glass warehouse, 14 Bath Street (MD).
1808-12 J. Ring was exporting earthenware to Cork, Limerick, St Vincent, Barbados, Jamaica and St Croix (PB-EXP).
1809-13 Joseph Ring, manufacturer of earthenware, china and glass warehouse, 14 Bath Street, residence at the Pottery, Temple Backs (MD).
1809 11 Mar. ‘Joseph Ring, earthenware manufacturer, respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has a large assortment of useful and ornamental earthenware, china, plain and cut glass, of the best manufacture, at his warehouse, No.14 Bath Street, which he is enabled to render on the most reasonable terms. NB China warranted to stand hot water’ (Bristol Mercury).
1810 1 Sep. ‘Bristol manufacture of fine earthenware, Coalbrookdale china, plain and fine cut glass warehouse, 14 Bath Street.  Joseph Ring respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he manufacturers goods of a very superior quality, and in great variety; particularly fine blue and white table, desert, and tea services, with which families may now be supplied at the wholesale prices.  Also an extensive assortment of Coalbrookdale and Worcester china … Goods made to order, and executed with dispatch’ (FFJ).
1812 26 Sep.  A further advertisement for the china and glass warehouse (FFJ).
1812 24 Oct. ‘China and glass warehouse, No.14 Bath Street, opposite the Bristol Porter Brewery. Joseph Ring, manufacturer of earthenware, respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has an elegant assortment of goods in the above line, consisting of table, desert, and tea services, a great variety of richly cut and plain glass &c &c, which will be rendered at the lowest terms. Cards of admission to view the manufactory on Temple Back may be had at the above warehouse’ (Bristol Mercury).
1813 29 May. Died: yesterday se’ennight, after a lingering illness, Mr Joseph Ring, earthenware manufacturer, Temple Back (FFJ).
1818 5 Oct. He was described as deceased on the freedom of his apprentice James Hankins (F).
1827 5 Oct. His son, Alfred Joseph Ring, was apprenticed to John Palmer, a carver (A).
1842 17 Oct. The baptism of Maria Ring (adult), the daughter of Joseph and Sarah Ring of St Michael’s parish, potter (JaPR).
1842 19 Nov. On 18 Oct Maria, youngest daughter of the late Mr Joseph Ring of the Bristol Pottery, married Mr P. Sullivan of Cork, Ireland, at the Catholic Chapel (Bristol Mercury).
1847 25 Mar. The marriage of Elizabeth Backwell, widow, of Stapleton Road, the daughter of Joseph Ring, potter, to Samuel Toleman (HTPR).
1852 8 May Died, April 25, in London, Lydia, eldest daughter of the late Mr Joseph Ring, many years proprietor of the Bristol Pottery, and wife of Evan Hopkins, Esq., CE, FGS (Bristol Mercury).
1875 16 Jan. ‘Died lately at Montpelier, Elizabeth, the second daughter of the late Joseph Ring of the Bristol Pottery, and widow of the late Samuel Toleman, aged 69’ (Western Daily Press).
Rate book entries:
Property 1
21 Dec 1795-21 Dec 1797 Joseph Ring Water Lane (Temple-LS)
29 Sep 1798-29 Sep 1799 Joseph Ring Water Lane (Temple-Wa)Property 2
25 Mar 1808-25 Mar 1811 Joseph Ring Bath St (Temple-Wa,H)
With wife Sarah
James Rivers, 18 Oct 1802 (A, Ao)
Thomas Wallis, 14 May 1805 (A, Ao)
Joseph Bull, 8 Aug 1805 (A)
James Thomas, 24 Dec 1805 (A, Ao)
George Richmond, 28 Jul 1806 (Ao)
James Hankins, 31 Dec 1806 (Ao)
Thomas Williams II, 27 Jul 1808 (A)
Robert Green, 30 Sep 1809 (A)
Thomas Lewis, 15 Aug 1810 (A, Ao)
John Lent, 27 Aug 1811 (A, Ao)
William Naish, 27 Aug 1811 (A, Ao)
Charles Privett, 12 Jan 1813 (A) or 9 Jan 1813 (Ao)
Joseph, born 1796 (QR); William Frank, born 1798 (QR); John, born 1799 (QR); Lydia, born c1802 (QR); Sarah, born 1804 (QR); Elizabeth, born 1805 (QR), married 25 Mar 1847 (HTPR); Henry, born 1807 (QR); Sarah Wallis, born 1809 (QR); Maria, born 1811 (QR), bapt as an adult 17 Oct 1842 (JaPR); Alfred Joseph, born 28 Aug 1813, bapt 3 Dec 1820 (JaPR)

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