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See the Potteries List section for the St Philip’s Pottery 9.

The Pottery had previously been run by his grandfather, William Rich I, who died in 1872.

1872-79 John Rich ran the St Philip’s Pottery 9.

After 1876 the firm traded as ‘John Rich and Boon’. This was probably John Boon, an ironmonger, one of the executors of William Rich I’s will.

The Pottery was advertised for sale by auction in 1878, although John Rich was still working there in 1879 and in 1880 it was taken over by a ‘Mrs Rich’, possibly John Rich’s wife, Ann.

1880-83 Mrs Rich ran the St Philip’s Pottery 9.
(The directories show the Pottery being run by Mrs Rich while John Rich is listed as a grocer. The 1881 census return records him as a ‘drain pipe maker, unemployed’. However, for the 1891 and 1901 census returns he gave his occupation as a ‘retort maker’ and ‘pot maker in clay’ respectively, though he was presumably then working as an employee and not on his own account.).

The Pottery seems to have closed after 1883. It may have been a Pottery advertised for sale or to let in 1884.


Born c1844 in St Philip’s parish, the son of Samuel Rich and the grandson of William Rich I.

1861 Drain pipe maker, Avon Cottage, St Philip’s parish (17), living with his parents and siblings (61C).
1868-88 Albert Road, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1871 Drain pipe maker, 2 Albert Villa, Albert Road, St Philip’s parish (27), living with his wife Ann (25), born in Publow, Somerset, and children (71C).
1874-75 John Rich, Albert Road, St Philip’s Marsh (WD).
1876-79 John Rich and Boon, drain pipe works, Albert Road (WD).
1878 13 Jul. ‘Avon Cottage Pottery, St Philip’s Marsh, Bristol. Messrs Tricks, Sons & Co. are instructed by the Trustees of the late Mr W.P. Rich to sell by auction, on the premises … the whole of the machinery, plant and stock-in-trade of a drain pipe and fire brick pottery; and comprising 10 horse power engine, egg-end boiler, runners, pug mill, pipe machine, moulds of all descriptions, tiles, fire bricks, burrs, drain pipes, ejects, junctions, chimney pots and the usual materials used in the above mentioned business. Also a useful horse and tip cart’ (Bristol Mercury).
1878 18 Nov. The stock-in-trade of the pottery was again offered for sale by auction (Bristol Mercury).
1880-83 Mrs Rich, drain pipe works, Albert Road (WD).
1881 Drain pipe maker, unemployed, Grocers Shop, Albert Road, St Philip’s parish (37), living with his wife Ann (35), shopkeeper, and children (81C).
1884 29 Apr. Possibly the pottery advertised: ‘To manufacturers of drain pipes, pottery and terra-cotta goods. To be let or sold, 11 acres of first class clay, with two kilns, sheds and cottage thereon, together with plant and machinery for brick, tile and pipe working. Moderate and convenient terms to responsible party’ (Bristol Mercury).
1891 Retort maker, 97 Albert Road, St Philip’s parish (47), living with his wife Ann and children (91C).
1901 Pot maker in clay, 9 Avenue, Langton Court Road, St Luke’s, Brislington (57), living with his wife Anna (55) and children (01C).
1911 His wife was a widow (11C).
Florence, born 13 Jul 1868, bapt 16 Aug 1868 (PPR), George William, born 27 May 1870, bapt 3 Jul 1870 (PPR), John Ernest, born 25 Aug 1871, bapt 24 Sep 1871 (PPR), Lilian Blanche, born 25 Apr 1875, bapt 23 May 1875 (PPR), Lilian Blanche, born 24 May 1876, bapt 18 Jun 1876 (PPR), John Holbrook, born 19 Dec 1880, bapt 9 Jan 1881 (PPR), Fred Lissold, born 6 May 1882, bapt 28 Jan 1883 (PPR), Annie Louisa, born 4 Sep 1883, bapt 30 Sep 1883 (PPR), Harold Arthur, born 10 Dec 1887, bapt 15 Jan 1888 (PPR)


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