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See the Potteries List section for the Counterslip Pottery and the 124 Temple Street Pottery.

Counterslip Pottery
Previously ran by his father Charles Read.

1776-83 The Pottery appears to have been run by the executor(s) of Charles Read’s estate for the benefit of his sons, Joseph and William Read, until they came of age.

Joseph Read was born in about 1757 and would have come of age in 1778 while William Read’s birth date is not known and no further reference to him as been found.

Joseph Gadd and Thomas Patience took over the Counterslip Pottery in 1783.

124 Temple Street Pottery
It is not known when Joseph Read became involved with Charles Price I in running the 124 Temple Street Pottery. His name was first recorded in connection with the Pottery in 1799. He was referred to as an accountant in 1794 and it is possible that he subsequently reverted to his previous trade as a potter.

1799-1803 Charles Price I and Joseph Read ran the 124 Temple Street Pottery, trading as Price & Read.

The Pottery was still operating as ‘Price and Read’ in 1804, despite Read’s death in 1803, and the name of the firm seems to have been retained subsequently at the 123 (or 125) Temple Street Pottery until 1817, although Charles Price I was the only surviving partner.

Then John Duffett succeeded Charles Price I at the 124 Temple Street Pottery.


Born c1757 in Bristol, the son of Charles Read, and the brother of William Read.

1776 26 Mar. The Counterslip Pottery was to be carried on for his benefit, until he came of age (BG).
1778 14 Aug. A potter of Temple parish, he was granted a licence to marry Ann Jones of St James’s parish, at St James’s (M).
1778 17 Aug. Joseph Read of Temple parish married Ann Jones (JaPR).
c1780 Married his second wife, Eliza (information from the Price family).
1794 Accountant, Barrs Street (MD).
1796 23 Aug. A potter of Bristol, he was bondsman in respect of the will of John Tagg of St Philip and Jacob parish, limeburner (BRO Will 1796).
1798 23 Mar. Presumably the Joseph Read who witnessed the will of Joseph Gadd, potter.
1799-1801 Price & Read, brown stone potter, Temple Street (MD). (This was Charles Price I and Joseph Read).
1802-04 Price & Read, brown stone potter, 124 Temple Street (MD).
1803 Potter, Barrs Street (MD).
1803 29 Dec. ‘Joseph Read, aged 46 years, late of Barrs Lane in St Paul’s parish, was interred in the Baptist Burial Ground, near Redcross Street’ (PRO RG4/1826 Broad Mead (Baptist), 1789-1803).
1805-08 Price & Read, brown stone potter, 123 Temple Street (sometimes Price & Read (late Alsop) (MD).
1809-17 Price & Read, brown stone potters, 123 Temple Street, next to the Bunch of Grapes, Thomas Street (MD).
Anna Maria, married 1807; Sophia; Anne, married 1808, died 1812; Eliza, born 1786, married 1807, died 1838; Lydia; Ellen (all information from the Price family).


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