Posted on: October 19th, 2016 by webfooted

Born c1822 in St Philip’s parish (51C).

1836 29 Feb. He was apprenticed to J.D. Pountney, aged 14 years (Ao).
1843 28 Aug. Thomas Street, St Thomas parish, the son of William Pritchard, a carpenter, he married Sarah Wakefield of Thomas Street, the daughter of Henry Wakefield, a labourer (ThPR).
1851 Potter, Crooked Lane, Stapleton (29), living with his wife Sarah (31), born in St George (51C).
1861 1 Victoria Street, St Philip’s parish (40), living with his wife Sara (45) (61C).
1871 Moorfields, St George (50), born in St Philip’s parish, living with his wife Sarah (54) (71C).
1881 Potter, stone, widower, boarding at 9 Somerset Street, Bedminster (60) (81C).


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