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Posted on: September 7th, 2017 by Reg Jackson

See the St Thomas Street Pottery 2.

1930-61 Charles Newell Price ran the Pottery which was trading as Price, Powell & Co.

He was working in partnership with his father, Arthur Newell Price, until his father’s death in 1946. He then ran the Pottery alone. Price, Powell and Company ceased trading on Thursday 30 March 1961, Mr C. Newell Price going into retirement (Bristol Chamber of Commerce, Monthly Journal, Vol.36, 1961).


Born c1894, the son of Arthur Newell Price (01C).

1894 12 May. Born in Bristol (Ancestry website).
1901 Scolar, 130 Hampton Road, Cotham (6), living with his parents and siblings (01C).
1911 Scholar, Blenheim Road, Redland (16), living with his parents and siblings (11C).
1928 Married Muriel Blantern (information from the Price family).
1932 2 Sep. ‘Homemade wines. It cannot be too widely known that the only safe jars to use are those made in the Bristol Stoneware, glazed without lead. These are non-porous and acid resisting, and are in use all over the world for wines, spirits, mineral waters, acids, etc.  Milk ‘keeps’ much better in Bristol Stoneware jugs and vessels, which are always ‘stone cold’.  Should your dealer be unable to supply, write to the makers: Price, Powell & Co., Old Stoneware Potteries, St Thomas Street’ (Western Daily Press).
1984 He died in Hampshire, aged 89 (Ancestry website).


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