POWELL Frederick II

Posted on: September 17th, 2017 by Reg Jackson

Born c1833 in Bristol (71C).

1861 Private, HMS Forward, Esquimalt Harbour, Vancover Island (27) (61C).
1867 20 Jan. Broad Weir, St Philip’s parish on the baptism of his daughter Amelia Ann (born 2 Dec 1866). Wife Eliza (PPR).
1871 15 Rosemary House, St Paul’s parish (38), living with his wife Eliza Ann (37), born in Gloucestershire, and children Amelia (5) and Ruth H. (2), both born in Bristol (71C).
1881 Potter, 6 Tippett’s Court, St James’s parish (48), living with his wife Eliza (46), born in Tockington, and children Frederick (9), Ruth (11), Sarah Ann (7) and Martha (2), all born in Bristol (81C).


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