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See also the Potteries List section for the Limekiln Lane Potteries 1 and 2.

Limekiln Lane Pottery 1
William Pottery and John Weaver succeeded Henry Hobbs at the Limekiln Lane Pottery 1.  Hobbs had vacated the premises early in 1723.

1724-34 William Pottery and John Weaver were in partnership at the Limekiln Lane Pottery 1.

John Weaver died in 1734 and in the same year William Pottery moved to Limekiln Lane Pottery 2.  The Limekiln Lane Pottery 1 was taken over by Charles Christopher.

Limekiln Lane Pottery 2

1734-39 William Pottery ran the Limekiln Lane Pottery 2.

Limekiln Lane Pottery 2 became ‘void’ in 1739 and never operated again as a Pottery.


The son of Lawrence Pottery of Yatton, Somerset, a cordwainer (A).

1707 28 Mar. He was apprenticed to Woods Rogers and co-partners, ‘to be educated in the art of pottmaking, etc.’.  He was to provide himself with meat, drink, clothing, washing, lodging and all other necessities. In consequence his master was to allow him 13 shillings per annum, to be paid quarterly for the first three years, and 15 shillings for the last four to be paid in like manner (A, Ar).
1715 20 Jun. He became a free potmaker (F, G).
1722 Potmaker, St Michael’s parish (P).
1723 3 Jan. ‘William Pottry potter [crossed out] infant St Michael’s’ buried (RB).
1726 14 Feb. He was described as a white potter (A, Ao, Ar).
1727 11 Nov. A potter of St Augustine’s parish, he was granted a licence to marry Ann Edwards of Clifton, at Clifton. Bondsman: Edward Edwards of Clifton, shipwright (M).
1730-31 He was described as a potter or ‘pottmaker’ of Cow or Limekiln Lane (A, Ao, Ar).
1731 28 Mar. ‘Ann, wf. of Wm. Pottery, potter, St Augustine’ buried (RB).
1731 23 Sep. ‘Henry Jones agst. John Barton potter att Mr Potteryes under Brandon Hill’ (C).
1732 6 Apr. ‘John Arnoll agst. Charles Edwards at Mr Potteryes Brandon Hill’ (C).
1733 15 Feb. ‘Paul Townsend agt. John Burton potter at Mr Potterys under Brandon Hill’ (C).
1733-35 He was described as a potmaker of Cow Lane (A, Ao, Ar).
1734 Potmaker, St Augustine’s parish (P).
1734 14 Nov. ‘Richard Smith agt. George Nowlton potter at potterys under Brandon Hill’ (C).
1739 Potmaker, St Augustine’s parish (P).
1742 21 Jun. He was buried at St Augustine’s church (Ancestry website).
With wife Ann:
Thomas Martin, 31 Dec 1730 (A, Ao, Ar)
William Brown, 4 May 1731 (A, Ao, Ar)-15 Oct 1739 (F, G)
John Heyfield II, 20 Jul 1731 (A, Ao, Ar)-7 Nov 1739 (G)
John Brown, 22 Sep 1731 (A, Ao, Ar)-7 Nov 1739 (F)Alone:
John Prewett, 14 Feb 1726 (A, Ao, Ar)
John Pottery, 7 Jun 1733 (A, Ar)
Francis Morgan, 9 Jun 1733 (A, Ao, Ar)
Benjamin Brinton, 31 Jul 1735 (A, Ao, Ar)
Rate and tax book entries:
Property 1:
Limekiln Lane Pottery 1
1728/29 ‘Pottery and Weaver for the Potthouse’ (St Augustine’s-LS)
Rates were also being paid by the owner of the land and Pottery, Joan Bayley.Property 2:
Limekiln Lane Pottery 2
[25 Mar 1734-29 Sep 1734 ‘Mr Pottery, dwelling house, pothouse, etc’ Cow Lane (St Augustine’s-L)
1734/5 ‘Mr Pottery’s New Pothouse & dwelling ho’ Cow Lane (St Augustine’s-L)
The rates were then paid by the owner of the land and Pottery, Mr Grimsteed.
[29 Sep 1738-25 Mar 1739 ‘Wm Pottery for Pothouse’ Cow and Limekiln Lane (St Augustine’s-L)
25 Mar 1739-25 Mar 1740 ‘Wm Pottery for Pothouse void’ Cow and Limekiln Lane (St Augustine’s-L)


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