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See the Potteries List section for the St Philip’s Pottery 4.

The Pottery had previously been run by Alexander Edgar.

1792-95 Earl Pearce I ran the St Philip’s Pottery 4.

He died in 1795 and his widow, Elizabeth, carried on the Pottery.


The son of William Pearce of St Philip and Jacob parish, farrier, deceased (A) and the father of Earl Pearce II (PPR).

1761 31 Jan. He was apprenticed to William I and Mary Maynard (A, Ao).
1763 30 Jul. ‘I, Earl Pearce at the Pot House in Bread Street, Bristol, being afflicted with Rheumatism in my limbs for six months, was in the infirmary in this city for months without the least relief.  I applied to Dr George of Bath, at the Naked Boy in Broad Street, Bristol.  He through God’s assistance made a perfect cure of me in three weeks …’ (FFJ).
1772 22 Feb. He became a free potter (F, G).
1772 17 Sep. Sale of lands including: ‘Lot 5. All that Pothouse, Yard and Buildings, situate in Avon-street … now lett to Alexander Edgar, Esq., for a term of twenty-one Years, about sixteen Years whereof is now to come, at the Yearly Rent of £4.10s’ (BG).

It is known that Pearce succeeded Edgar at the Pottery (BRO B4978).

1773-92 Potter, Bread Street (PPR).
1774 Potter, St Philip and Jacob parish (P).
1779 29 Dec. Potter, Old Market (Ao).
1781 Potter, St Philip and Jacob parish (P).
1782 7 Sep. ‘To be sold in Separate Parcels, a Freehold Estate, consisting of a Brick-Yard, several Sheds and Tile Kilns, with about 14 Acres of Meadow Land, a compleat Vitriol Work, a Limekiln and Wharf, and a Pottery upon the Bank of the River Avon, in the Parish of St Philip and Jacob … now in the several occupations of Messrs Rawlins, Cave, Kendon, and Pearce; for the Purchase whereof the late Mr William King, deceased, entered into a Contract with Mr Joseph Hill, Brickmaker’ (BMBJ).
1784 Potter, St Philip and Jacob out parish (P).
1784 9 Sep. Potter, Old Market (Ao).
1791 6 Aug. Potter, Bread Street (Ao).
1792 Brown potter, St Philip’s (RD).
1794 8 Mar. Potter, Old Market (Ao).
1794-95 Potter, Bread Street (MD).
1795 3 Jun. Earl Pearce, aged 57 years, buried (cause of death: gout) (PPR).
1812 2 Oct. His son, Colston, became a free potter (F).
1812 3 Oct. John Cantle obtained his freedom as an engineer because of his marriage to Earl Pearce’s daughter, Ann Maynard (F).
1812 7 Oct. He was noted as dead when his apprentice, William Pearce, became a free potter (F).
With his wife Elizabeth:
William Miles, 28 Feb 1772 (A, Ao)
Moses Brain, 22 or 29 Dec 1779 (A, Ao)
William Pearce, 9 Aug or 9 Sep 1784 (A, Ao)-7 Oct 1812 (F)
John Rexworthy, 6 Aug 1791 (A, Ao)-11 Jun 1818 (F)
Edmond Rexworthy, 8 Mar 1794 (A, Ao)
Earl Pearce II, bapt 22 Sep 1771 (PPR), Ann Maynard, bapt 17 Aug 1773 (PPR), Sarah Taylor, bapt 30 Jun 1775 (PPR), Elizabeth, bapt 25 Dec 1776 (PPR), Elizabeth, bapt 8 Oct 1778 (PPR), Hannah, bapt 2 May 1781, buried 3 Aug 1781 (PPR), Hannah-Chubb, bapt 10 Mar 1782 (PPR), Fanny, bapt 9 Jun 1784 (PPR), Colston, bapt 13 Nov 1785 (PPR), Martha, bapt 12 Dec 1787 (PPR), Thomas Palmer, bapt 3 Apr 1791 (PPR), William, bapt 14 Oct 1792 (PPR)


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