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See the Potteries List section for the Counterslip Pottery.

The Pottery had previously been run by Joseph and William Read.

1783-85 Thomas Patience and Joseph Gadd ran the Counterslip Pottery, trading as Patience and Gadd.

Following Thomas Patience’s death in December 1785, Joseph Gadd ran the Counterslip Pottery alone.

1725 31 Oct. Thomas, son of Thomas Patience, lighterman, baptised (RPR).
1747 26 Jun. He became a free potter, as he was the son of Thomas Patience, lighterman (F, G).
1748 29 Dec. Thomas Patience married Sarah Cantle (RPR).
1752 A Thomas Patience was landlord of the Punch Bowl alehouse in St Mary Redcliffe parish (McGrath & Williams 1979, 34).
1753 22 Jan. Probably the Thomas Patience who was to appear with William Chatterton at the next General Quarter Session to answer for an assault on William and Sarah Lewis (T).
1754 Potter, St Mary Redcliffe parish (P).
1757 He stood surety of £5 for Thomas Watkins to keep an alehouse in St Stephen’s parish (AKL).
1757 Thomas Taylor II, potter, and John Quarman, potter, stood surety of £5 each for Thomas Patience to keep an alehouse in St Mary Redcliffe parish (AKL).
1759 16 Jul. Margaret Avery and others were proposed purchasers of a property on Redcliffe Hill comprising a tenement in the possession of Thomas Patience, victualler, being part of the lands of Queen Elizabeth Hospital (PBk).
1762 John Harwell, potter, stood surety for Thomas Patience to keep an alehouse in Temple parish (AKL).
1764 A Thomas Patience of Temple Street signed a petition concerning the state of the common sewer called the Law Ditch (BRO Wooden Box 1764 Bundle 2 No.1).
1764 Thomas Patience was the landlord of the Cross Keys alehouse in Temple Street (BRO Wooden Box 1764 Bundle 11 No.2).
1765 William Chatterton, potter, stood surety of £5 for Thomas Patience to keep an alehouse in St Mary Redcliffe parish (AKL).
1766 Richard Phillips, potter, stood surety of £5 for Thomas Patience to keep an alehouse in Temple parish (AKL).
1766 27 May. A potter of Temple parish he was bondsman to a licence granted to William Barber, maltster (M).
1769 3 Nov. He stood surety of £10 for the appearance of Richard Pook, gentleman, at the next Sessions to answer for an assault (T).
1771 13 Jan. Susannah Patience buried (RPR).
1771 19 Jan. ‘Yesterday fennight died the wife of Mr Patience at the Cross Keys in Temple Street’ (FFJ).
1771 16 Dec. A potter and widower of Temple parish he was granted a licence to marry Ann Hayes of St Mary Redcliffe parish at St Mary Redcliffe (M).
1772 27 Dec. Thomas Patience of Temple parish, married Ann Hayes (RPR).
1773 22 Sep. A potter of Temple parish, he was bondsman to a licence granted to Joseph Kelston, accountant (M).
1774 Potter, Temple parish (P).
1775 Potter and victualler, 139 Temple Street, Cross Keys Public House (SD).
1781 Potter, Temple parish (P).
1785 Patience and Gadd, Potters, Counterslip (BBD). Patience was in partnership with Joseph Gadd.
1785 17 Dec. ‘Yesterday fe’nnight died Mr Patience, at the sign of the Cross-Keys in Temple Street’ (BMBJ).
1793 15 Apr. He was described as deceased when his son, Edward, was apprenticed to Joseph Gadd, potter (A, Ao).
1796 10 Sep. ‘Lately was married at Newton, near Bath, Miss Ann Patience, daughter of Mrs Patience, at the Cross Keys, Temple Street’ (BMBJ).
1810 11 Aug. ‘Died Tuesday (7th) … at her house in Queen-square, Bath, Mrs Patience, widow of Mr. Thomas Patience, potter, of this city, and mother of Mrs Booth, Westgate-street, Bath’ (FFJ).
With wife Ann:
Charles Price, 4 Oct 1785 (A, Ao)-9 Dec 1796 (F)
Rate and tax book entries:
Property 1
25 Mar 1750 Thos Patience Poor Redcliffe St (SMR-W)
6 Aug 1751 Thomas Patience Redcliffe St (SMR-H)
29 Sep 1755-29 Sep 1758] ‘Thos Patience & t’ents Redcliffe St’ (SMR-Wa)Property 2
29 Sep 1755-29 Sep 1757 Thomas Patience jnr Redcliffe Hill (SMR-Wa)
[29 Sep 1758-29 Sep 1761] Thomas Patience Redcliffe Hill and Pit (SMR-W,Wa) The property then passed to Michael Edkins, potter.

Property 3
[29 Sep 1763-5 Apr 1787] Thomas Patience Temple Street (Temple-LS,W,Wa)
29 Sep 1785-1791 Widow Patience Temple Street (Temple-W,Wa,L,LS)

Wife Susannah: Thomas, bapt 16 Jul 1750 (RPR) Joseph, bapt 14 Nov 1751, buried 9 Aug 1754 (RPR), Mary, bapt 14 Nov 1751 (RPR), Thomas, bapt 7 Jun 1753, buried 16 Jul 1756 (RPR), James, bapt 30 Sep 1754, buried 21 Apr 1756 (RPR), Susannah, bapt 31 Aug 1757 (RPR), Joseph, bapt 24 Sep 1760, buried 17 Oct 1760 (RPR), Michael, bapt 24 Sep 1760, buried 14 Oct 1766 (RPR). Wife Ann: Thomas, bapt 18 Dec 1775 (TPR), Betty, bapt 9 Mar 1777 (TPR), George, bapt 4 May 1781 (TPR), Edward, apprenticed 15 Apr 1793 (A), Ann, married Sep 1796 (BMBJ)


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