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Some of the following information is taken from Evans 1981 and Williams 1932.

Born in 1770 in Derby, the father of William Henry Pardoe.

1770 3 Jul. Born in Derby.
1780s Apprenticed at the Derby (Nottingham Road) porcelain factory.

He later moved to Worcester and then to Swansea.

1795-1809 Painted creamware at Swansea.
1809-11 China enameller (and from 1810 china enameller and gilder, wholesale and retail), Under the Bank, St Augustine’s parish (MD).  Pountney (1920, 116) states that he took the pieces of china to the Temple Pottery to be fired.
1811 He exported earthenware to Jamaica (PB-EXP).
1812-16 China enameller (and from 1813 china and glass enameller and gilder), 28 Bath Street (MD).
1820-22 Glass stainer (MD).
1819-22 He managed the Nantgarw porcelain works for William Weston Young (Williams 1932, 109-11).
1821 He went to Nantgarw.
1823 He died in Nantgarw.
1849 20 Nov. Noted as a china painter when his son, Henry Allan Pardoe, a pipe maker, of Easton Terrace, St Philip’s parish married Ann George (HTPR).
Jenny, bapt May 1799 (Swansea), Lewis, bapt April 1801 (Swansea), William Henry, bapt Apr 1804 (Swansea), Thomas, bapt Feb 1807 (Swansea), Emena, bapt Feb 1807 (Swansea), Charles, bapt Nov 1812 (Swansea)


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