Bristol Potters and Potteries

Research by Reg Jackson

Bristol Potters

Research by Reg Jackson


Born c1873 in Bristol (91C).

1891 Works at pottery, lodging at 6 Brick Yard, St Mary Redcliffe parish (18) (91C).


Born c1867 in Bristol (91C).

1891 At pottery, 10 Taylors Court, St Mary Redcliffe parish (24) (91C).


Born c1808, the son of Thomas Aldridge of Bristol, custom house officer (A, Ao).

1823 16 Apr. Apprenticed to J.D. Pountney and Sarah (A, AO).
1830 Hillsbridge Parade, Bedminster (P).
1832 23 Sep. He was living in Bedminster with his wife Ann on the baptism of his daughter Sarah Ann (JBPR).
1832 & 34 Hillsbridge Parade, Bedminster (List of Electors, BRO 04736).



See the Potteries List section for the Wilder Street Pottery.

1746-52 Henry Allbright was running a Pottery (probably the Wilder Street Pottery) when he made his will in 1746 and, presumably, when he died in 1752.

Henry Allbright’s widow, Elizabeth, appears to have married William Matchin I and this is probably how he acquired the Wilder Street Pottery, although the location of the Pottery was not given in Allbright’s will.


1732 Allegation for marriage licence. Henry Allbright potmaker of Westbury Super Trim and Elizabeth Morley of Keynsham to marry at Bedminster (Gloucester Public Library: Hockaday Abstracts).
1746 21 Oct. Will: ‘I Henry Allbright of the City of Bristol potter … give devise and bequeath unto my dear wife Elizabeth all that my messuage and tenement wherein I now live together with the garden workhouses and all appurtenances thereunto belonging to hold to my said wife Elizabeth her heirs and assigns for ever and as to all my goods chattels moneys and personal estate of what nature kind and quality soever I give and bequeath the same and every part thereof unto my said dear wife Elizabeth her executors and administrators for ever and I do make and appoint my said wife to be the sole executrix of this my will’. Signed 20 October 1746.  Witnesses: Elizabeth Collett, David Kimmerly, Jas Browne. (BRO Will 1/1753).
1753 2 Jan. The will was proved in Bristol.



1739 St James’s parish (P).

ALLEN George

1819 12 Dec. St Mary Redcliffe parish, with wife Sarah on the baptism of his daughter Eliza Maria (JBPR).


Born c1812, the son of Isaac Allen of Bristol, tobacco pipe maker (A, Ao, Price & Jackson 1979).

1826 6 Dec. Apprenticed to J.D. Pountney and Susannah (A, Ao).
1851 Potter’s turner, 40 Colston Street, Bedminster (39), living with his wife Sarah (35), born in Bristol (51C).
1852 Pile Street, Bedminster (P).

ALLEN James H.

Born c1886 in Bristol (01C).

1901 Potter (screener), 6 Hampton Street, St Luke’s parish (15) (01C).


Born c1828 in Bristol (51C).

1851 Potter sorter, 6 Lewis’s Buildings, Temple parish (23), living with her mother Sarah, a charwoman, and Ann Hare (51C).


Born c1866 in Soundwell, Gloucestershire (81C).

1881 Cutter (pottery), 9 Howard Street, St George (15) (81C).


Born c1821 in Bristol (41C).

1841 Pile Street, St Mary Redcliffe parish (20) (41C).


See the Potteries List section for the Water Lane Pottery.

1816-35 Edwin Allies was in partnership with J.D. Pountney in the Water Lane Pottery, trading as Pountney & Allies. 

The partnership was dissolved in 1835 and Pountney then ran the Pottery alone.


Pountney declared that he was the son of Sir John Allies, a sugar planter in Barbados (Pountney 1920, 110).  However, a letter dated 6 August 1949 from Dorothy Ann Allies Penny, giving details of her great grandfather, Edwin Allies, states that he was the son of James Allies of Worcester and Hannah Dudden of Templecombe, Somerset, and that he was living at Canford House, Westbury-on-Trym when he married on 6 June 1816 (BRO 20165).  However, his wife’s name was given as Ann on the baptism of their children.

1817 17 Sep. Brunswick Square, with wife Ann (St Paul’s PR).
1818 14 Sep. St Paul’s parish, he petitioned for his freedom as a potter, paying a fee of £42 (PF).
1819 19 Aug. A merchant, Brunswick Square, with wife Anne (PaPR).
1832 29 Dec. ‘At Bristol, the principal manufacturers and merchants have determined on presenting to each operative sufficient beef of the primest quality to afford a substantial meal for himself and family on Christmas day.  Mr Edwin Ames [Allies], of the Bristol Pottery, has undertaken to superintend the purchase of fifteen or more fat oxen for this purpose’ (Royal Cornwall Gazette).
1835 Temple Backs, Temple parish (P).
1835 28 Mar. ‘Notice is hereby given that the Partnership subsisting between … John Decimus Pountney and Edwin Allies in the business of Potters … under the firm of Pountney and Allies is this day dissolved by mutual consent …’ (BRO 20165/2).
Children: Edwin, bapt 17 Sep 1817 (PaPR), Harvey, bapt 19 Aug 1819 (PaPR), Mary, bapt 24 Feb 1824 (WPR), Jane, bapt 18 Jan 1827 (WPR), Ann, married Alfred Downing Fripp (Clifton PR)


1811 10 Dec. Earthenware manufacturer, St Stephen’s parish, he petitioned for his freedom paying a fee of £42 (PF).


ALLOWAY Thomas William

Born c1829 in Bedminster (51C).

1851 Clerk, Bristol Pottery, 41 Langton Street, Bedminster (22), living with his father Thomas Walsh Alloway, proprietor of houses (51C).


1747 19 Jan. A potter of Bristol he stood surety for the appearance of Sarah Gibbs at the next General Sessions (T).


Born c1834 in Staffordshire, the daughter of Masin Almanack and the sister of Charles and John Almarack (51C).

1851 Printer [probably an earthenware printer], 15 Church Street, Temple parish (17), living with her widowed mother and siblings (51C).


1840 1 Nov. Temple parish, with wife Hanna on the baptism of his son William Godwin (TPR).


Born c1839 in Staffordshire, the son of Masin Almarack and the brother of John and Ann Almarack (41C, 51C).

1841 As a child he was living in Glass House Court, Temple parish, with his widowed mother (41C).
1851 Potter, 15 Church Street, Temple parish (12), living with his mother (51C).


1854 7 Aug. His daughter Ann married James Mountford, potter (PPR).


Born c1816 in Burslem, Staffordshire, he was the son of Masin Almarack and the brother of Charles and Ann Almarack (41C, 51C).

1841 Potter, Glass House Court, Temple parish (15), living with his mother (41C).
1851 2 Pipe Lane, Temple parish (25), living with his wife Mary Ann (51C).
1861 11 Apr. Possibly the ‘Mr Holmerack’ employed at the Bristol Potteries, who gave evidence in a court case (Western Daily Press).