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Born c1819 in Hanley, Staffordshire, the husband of Mary Ann Owen (61C).

1851 He was not mentioned in the census return although his wife was recorded at 2 Colston’s Place, Temple parish (51C).
1850-53 Temple parish (TPR).
1855 21 Jan. Colston’s Place, Temple parish (PPR).
1856 28 Dec. Temple parish (TPR).
1861 8 Colston’s Place, Temple parish (42), living with his wife Mary Ann (38) an earthenware printer, born in Temple parish and children (61C).
1885 30 Nov. Noted as a potter, deceased, when his daughter Emily (21) a servant of 36 Pennywell Road, married Henry Robert Hann (HTPR).
Charles, bapt 8 Sep 1850 (TPR), Alfred, bapt 16 Oct 1853 (TPR), Mary Ann (aged 3 wks), bapt 21 Jan 1855 (PPR), John, bapt 28 Dec 1856 (TPR), Emily, born c1864 (HTPR marriage)


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