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The son of James Niglett of Bristol, yeoman, deceased (A).

1699 1 May. Probably the John Niglett, son of James Niglett, baptised at St James’s church (JaPR).
1714 11 May. He was apprenticed to Thomas and Sarah Dickson (A, Ao, Ar).
1722 14 Jan. John Niglett married Hester Bower (RPR).
1722 29 Nov. He became a free gallypotmaker (F, G).
1729 8 Oct. Noted as a potter on the baptism of his daughter, Mary (RPR).
1731 8 Mar. He stood surety of £20 for the appearance of John Govey, gardener, at the next Gaol Delivery (T).
1731 11 Mar. ‘Mary Bower agt. John Niglett, a potter without Redcliff Gate Thurs 25th March 1731 pltf. proved deft. indebted to her seven shillings for keeping defts. wife.  Ordered it be paid with cost in a month …’ (C).
1734 18 Mar. Gallypotmaker, Redcliffe Street (Ao).
1734 Potter, St Mary Redcliffe parish (P).
1735 28 Nov. ‘Ended: Samuel Hopkins agt. John Niglett potter on Redcl. Hill’ (C).
1736 25 Jan. ‘Samuel Hopkins agt. John Niglett Redclift Hill’ (C).
1737 23 Jun. ‘Sarah Beton agt. John Niglett potter at Redcliff Pitt. Thurs the 21st of July 1737 Pl. proved her debt to be 10s.9d for necessarys, ordered it to be paid with costs …’ (C).
1738 26 Oct. ‘Joseph Stokes agt. John Needglutt Potter Redcliff Pitt – Thursday the 30th of Nov 1738. Pltff. prov’d his Debt to be £1.2s.5d on a Note of hand ordered it to be paid with costs …’ (C).
1739 5 Nov. He stood surety for Thomas Oxenham, labourer, to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to answer an assault on his wife (T).
1739 Gallypotmaker, St Mary Redcliffe parish (P).
1742 18 Feb. ‘Benjamin Barlett agst. John Niglett porter [sic] Redcliff Pitt’ (C).
1743 8 Aug. ‘Joseph Stokes agst. John Needglutt at Mr Ward’s in Water Lane … Thurs 6th Oct 1743, Debt proved to be £1.0s.5d by Note of hand order’d it be paid with costs at 1s a week to begin next Sat …’ (C).  See also Frances Ward.
1745 11 Jul. ‘Joseph Coverly agt. John Niglett Mogg’s Entry. Thursday the 15th Augt 1745, Debt proved to be 4s.9d for ale order’d it be paid with costs at 6d a week …’ (C).
1745 8 Aug. Gallypotmaker, Redcliff Pitt (A, Ao, Ar).
1754 Potter, St Mary Redcliffe parish (P).
1755 18 Aug. ‘Hester Niglett’ buried (RPR).
1762 3 Sep. John Niglett buried (RPR).
With wife Hester
Joseph Watkins, 18 Mar 1734 (A, Ao, Ar)
Francis Watkins, 8 Aug 1745, (A, Ao, Ar)
Tax book entries:
25 Mar 1750 ‘John Niglett Poor’ Recliffe Pit and Joanes Lane (SMR-W)
Sarah, bapt 14 Feb 1725, buried (aged near 5 years) 11 May 1729 (RPR), Mary, bapt 8 Oct 1729, buried (aged 1 year) 10 Sep 1730 (RPR)


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