Posted on: October 17th, 2016 by webfooted

Born c1849 in St Philip’s parish (71C).

1871 Labourer in pottery, lodging at 19 St Silas Place, St Philip’s parish (71C).
1881 Possibly the William J. Nicholls, general labourer, 50 Weare Street, Bedminster (30), living with his wife Sarah (27), born in Bristol (81C).
1891 Carter, 3 Bedfield Road, St George (40), living with his wife Harriet (33) and daughter Adelaide (1), born in St George (91C).
1895 21 Jul. Potter, Barton Hill, St Philip’s parish on the baptism of his son Alfred Edward (born 2 Jul 1895).  Wife Harriet (PPR).
1901 Potter, 39 Corbett Street, St George (50), living with his wife Harriet (41) and children Adelaide (11), William (9) and Walter (4), all born in Bristol (01C).
1911 His wife was a widow (11C).


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