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Born c1836 in St Paul’s, the husband of Eliza Morgan, the father of William Morgan V and son-in-law of Edward Raby (HTPR, 61C, 71C).

1857 1 Jun. Park Street (21) a ‘printer’ the son of John Morgan, a painter and glazier, he married Eliza Raby (21) a painter of Park Street, the daughter of Edward Raby, a potter (HTPR).
1861 Earthenware printer, Melsom’s Building, Temple parish (24), living with his wife Eliza (24) earthenware printer, born in Staffordshire (61C).
1861 19 Oct. Probably the William Morgan, employed at the Bristol Pottery, who was charged with stealing a pair of boots.  The evidence suggested he had bought the boots and he was discharged (Western Daily Press).
1871 Earthenware printer, 21 Pipe Lane, Temple parish (35), living with his wife Eliza (36) warehouse woman, born in Hanley, Staffordshire, and children (71C).
1881 Printer at pottery, 2 Brights Court, Rose Alley, Temple parish (43), living with his wife Eliza (42) and children, including William (17), a potter’s labourer  (81C).
1891 His wife was a widow (91C).
William, born c1863 in Temple parish (71C, 81C), John, born c1865 in Staffordshire (71C) (1881 census says born Temple parish)


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