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See the Potteries List section for the Stapleton Road Pottery 2.

The Pottery had previously been run by Mayer, Boulton and Company who were made bankrupt in 1855.

c1856-58 Morgan and Hawley ran the Stapleton Road Pottery 2.
(The identity of the Morgan in this partnership is unknown. The only likely candidate amongst known potters is John Morgan I. The Hawley was James George Hawley).

Then Pottery was sold in 1858 and was taken over by Mayer and Company.


1857-58 Morgan & Hawley, earthenware, porcelain and sanitary goods manufacturer, Cornwallis Pottery, Stapleton Road (MD).
1858 20 Feb. Cornwallis Pottery. To be sold by tender on instructions from the Trustees: ‘the valuable business, including the plant, machinery, with the manufactured and unmanufactured stock-in-trade, of Messrs Morgan and Hawley, manufacturers of earthenware, porcelain and sanitary goods. The plant comprises steam engine and boiler, colour mill, two glaze mills, a pair of stampers, pug mill, lathes, throwing wheels, implements, tools, printing presses, copper plates, a variety of moulds, blocks and cases, and working moulds, and other effects. The stock includes a general assortment of printed, sponged, biscuit, cream-coloured, and sanitary ware; saggars, closet, china and black clays, with a variety of materials used in the trade. A large amount has been recently expended in the improvement of the pottery, which is now replete with every convenience for carrying on the business, and comprises one biscuit kiln, two glaze kilns, one fritt kiln, one enamelling kiln, workshops, storerooms, stable and large yard. There are also a good dwelling-house and garden attached’ (Bristol Mercury).
1858 27 Feb. ‘Cornwallis Pottery, Stapleton Road. To earthenware dealers, builders, plumbers, and private families.  Messrs Barnard, Thomas & Co. have received instructions from the Trustees to sell by auction, on the premises, on Thursday and Friday, the 11th and 12th days of March 1858, the extensive stock in trade, plant, fixtures, horse, carts, and effects of Messrs Morgan and Hawley, Cornwallis Pottery, Stapleton Road.  The stock consists of a general assortment of printed dinner, tea, breakfast and toilet ware; jugs, mugs, and a variety of articles adapted for family purposes; also sanitary goods of all descriptions, and a quantity of biscuit and clay ware; saggar, closet, china, black and blue clays, with a variety of materials used in the trade.  The plant comprises colour mills, two glaze mills, a pair of stampers, pug mills, lathes, throwing wheels, various implements, three printing presses, variety of copper-plate engravings, moulds, blocks, cases, and working moulds; counting house and other fixtures and effects. One enamelling, one glaze and one frit kiln. One capital chestnut gelding, one cart, one crank axle, harness, chaff cutter, etc.’ (Bristol Mercury).

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