MOORSE Walter John

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See the Potteries List section for the St Philip’s Pottery 6.

1908-34 He ran the Pottery assisted by his sister Ada Moorse.

Walter John Moorse died in 1934 and the Pottery was then carried on by his sister, Ada Moorse.


Born c1881 in Bristol, the son of John Forward Moorse and the sister of Ada and Kate Moorse (91C).

1881 6 Feb. He was baptised at St Silas church, Bedminster (Ancestry website).
1901 Pottery worker, 2 Lower Kensington Park Road, knowle (20), living with his parents and siblings (01C).
1911 Red ware pottery manufacturer, employer, 3 Kensington Park Road, Brislington (30), living with his widowed mother Jane (67) and sisters Ada (36), clerk assisting brother, and Merina (31) (11C).
1913 30 Jane. ‘For sale, Lot 10. All that rent of £42 issuing out of the Albert Pottery, Victoria Terrace, Victoria Road and seven cottages known as nos. 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44 Meriton Street and 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 37 and 39 and the Adult Schools, Philip Street, Victoria Road, St Philip’s Marsh, created by an Indenture of Lease dated the 23rd June 1847, for 1,000 years’ (Western Daily Press).
1914 Walter John Moorse, Albert Pottery, Victoria Terrace, St Philip’s Marsh (KD).
1915 2 Jan. ‘Rhubarb pots for sale, special quotations to market gardeners. Apply The Albert Pottery, St Philip’s Marsh’ (Western Daily Press).
1915 19 Mar. ‘Wanted, apprentice to learn flower pot making. No premium. Apply J. Moorse, Albert Pottery’ (Western Daily Press).
1915 23 Mar. John Brooks and James Jefferies, were caught trying to catch linnets on St Philip’s Marsh. They both said they worked at the Albert Pottery Company (Western Daily Press)
1915 13 Aug. ‘Wanted, carter, live on premises. Apply J. Moorse, the Albert Pottery’ (Western Daily Press).
1917 22 Aug. Possibly the un-named pottery manufacturer who appeared before the Bristol Military Tribunal: ‘The military representative raised a question in the case of a pottery manufacturer, aged 35, married, passed for general service. The Tribunal, though they withdrew the conditional exemption which the man held, treated the matter as a one-man business case, and granted four months’ temporary exemption’ (Western Daily Press).
1918 8 Mar. For sale ‘house and shop, 85 Pennywell Road. Apply W. Moorse, Albert Pottery Co., Marsh’ (Western Daily Press).
1919 28 Feb. The Albert Pottery with buildings and contiguous premises and ground rents thereon were sold to Mr Furze, the tenant (Western Daily Press).
1923 4 Oct. ‘House for sale (vacant possession), 78 Fox Road … Apply W.J. Moorse, Red Ware Potteries, Feeder Road’ (Western Daily Press).
1927 15 Jun. ‘For sale, possession, 19 Regent Terrace, Newtown. Price £300. Ground rent £2.10s. Apply J. Moorse, Red Ware Potteries, Marsh’ (Western Daily Press).
1928 6 Jun. ‘For sale, cottage, no ground rent: two rooms vacant. Apply J. Moorse, The Albert Pottery’ (Western Daily Press).
1928 12 Dec. ‘W.J. Moorse, Albert Pottery, St Philip’s Marsh, Bristol. Established 1801. Manufacturers of red glazed ware. Washing pans. Bread pans. Rhubarb pots with cover 3s.6d. Seakale pots with covers 3s.6d. Chimney pots. Garden pots. Garden rustic vase 7s.6d. All in stock’ (Western Daily Press).
1930 8 Mar. ‘Flower pots, all sizes in stock. Rhubarb pots, seakale pots. Apply The Albert Pottery Co.’ (Western Daily Press).
1930 7 May. ‘Flower pots, all sizes in stock. Vases 7s.6d each. Established 1801. The Albert Pottery Co.’ (Western Daily Press).
 1931 19 Feb & 2 Dec. ‘Flower pots. All sizes in stock. Apply W.J. Moorse, Albert Potteries, St Philip’s Marsh. Vases 7s.6d.’ (Western Daily Press).
1932 23 Apr. Donations to the General Hospital: W.J. Moorse, Albert Pottery Co. 10s.6d (Western Daily Press).
1932 2 Jun. ‘Flower pots, all sizes in stock, wholesale and retail. Vases 7s.6d each. Apply W.J. Moorse, Albert Potteries’ (Western Daily Press).
1932 8 Sep. W.J. Moorse of the Albert Pottery Co. attended the funeral of Alderman F.G. Mullis (Western Daily Press).
1933 25 Feb. ‘Flower pots, all sizes in stock, wholesale or retail. Established 1801. Apply the Albert Pottery Co.’ (Western Daily Press).
1934 20 Jul. He died, his address given as 19 Kensington Park Road, Brislington and The Albert Pottery, St Philip’s Marsh. Probate was granted to Ada Moorse on 27 Apr 1935. He left personal effects valued at £25,341.5s.11d (PRO National probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administration), 1858-1966).
1934 24 Jul. ‘Funeral to be held. W.J. Moorse, of the Albert Pottery, St Philip’s Marsh, the beloved brother of Ada, Kate and Merina, after much suffering, at the Bristol General Hospital, aged 53’ (Western Daily Press).
1934 25 Jul. ‘The funeral took place at Brislington yesterday of Mr Walter John Moorse, of Kensington Park Road, Brislington, who died at the Bristol General Hospital on July 20. Mr Moorse was the proprietor of the Albert Pottery Co., St Philip’s Marsh and was a governor of St Silas School’. Mourners included Miss Moorse (sister), Mrs Brownston (sister). Wreaths included one from the ’employees of the Albert Pottery’ (Western Daily Press).

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