MELSOM Francis I

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See the Potteries List section for the St Philip’s Pottery 4 and 124 Temple Street Pottery.

St Philip’s Pottery 4

The Pottery had previously been run by George Cox.

c1827-36 Edward and Francis Melsom I, ran the St Philip’s Pottery 4, trading as Edward Melsom & Company. They may have been brothers.

Edward and Francis Melsom then took over the 124 Temple Street Pottery in 1836 and the St Philip’s Pottery 4 appears to have closed.

124 Temple Street Pottery
The Pottery was previously run by John Milsom.

1836-58 Edward and Francis Melsom I ran the 124 Temple Street Pottery.

Francis Melsom I died in 1858 and the Pottery was then run by Edward Melsom.


Born c1790 in Bristol, possibly the brother of Edward Melsom, the father of Francis Melsom II (TPR, P/St.T/D.273/4).

1790 25 May. He was baptised at Temple church, the son of Edward and Catherine Melsom (TPR).
1830 Francis ‘Milsom’, Temple Street, Temple parish (P).
1831-34 Edward and Francis Melsom, Avon Street, stoneware potters (MD).
1832 Francis ‘Milsom’, Temple Street, Temple parish (P).
1832 Francis ‘Milsom’, Temple Street, Temple parish (List of Electors BRO 04736).
1835 Temple Street, Temple parish (P).
1835-36 Edward & Francis Melsom, Avon Street, stone ware and patent water pipe manufacturers (MD).
1835 15 Aug. He married Martha Hook (or Flook) at St Paul’s church (Ancestry website).
1836 Pottery, 100 Temple Street, Redcliff Ward (WL).
1836 21 Mar. Lease of premises in Temple Street vested in Lydia Clements.  Indenture bearing the date 31 Dec 1834 made between Lydia Clements and Francis and Edward Melsom. Lydia Clements caused the messuage and premises to be put up for public auction on 15 Oct 1835 at which auction F. & E. Melsom were declared the purchasers at the sum of £410 of the messuage together with the potters kiln and other erections and buildings set up by Lydia Clements.  Premises numbered 124 Temple Street, then in the tenure of John Melsom, stone potter, as tenant (P/St.T/D.274).
1836 22 Mar. Counterpart lease of a messuage and premises in Temple Street. The feoffees to Messrs Francis Melsom and Edward Melsom of the out parish of St Philip and Jacob, brown stone ware potters and co-partners in trade of the other part.  Granted the messuage and tenement called by the name of the Mansion Place in Temple Street, heretofore in the tenure of Ezekiel Longman and Thomas Whittuck, Esther Wells and John Melsom, brown stone ware potter, and now of the said Edward and Francis Melsom … Lives Francis Melsom now aged about 45 years, Edward Melsom now aged about 43 years (P/St.T/D.273/4).
1836 22 Mar. No. 2 in Plan Book.  Plan and elevation.  Shows cone in back garden. Francis Melsom, age 45, Edward Melsom, age 43 (P/St.T/Ch/3/32).
1836 27 Jun. Temple Street, Francis & Edward Melsom, brown stone potters, messuage formerly called the Mansion Place or Fosters Place in Temple Street, formerly in the tenure of John Milsom, brown stone ware potter (P/St.T/D.273/4).
1837-59 Edward & F. Melsom, 124 Temple Street, stoneware and patent water pipe manufacturers (previously of Avon Street) (MD).
1837 Temple Street, Temple parish (P).
1841 Temple Street, Temple parish (P).
1841 Stone ware manufacturer, Union Place, Bedminster (40), living with his wife Martha (26) and children and Sarah Night (20), servant (41C).
1851 Master potter, employing 8 men, 5 St Vincent’s Place, Bedminster (50). He was living with his wife Martha (35) and children, and a house servant, Susan Pain (51C).
1851 Bristol Survey:
Temple Street, E & F Melsom (owner & occupier) House & Pottery £30.
1851 16 Aug. Probably his wife ‘Mrs Melsom, Pottery, Temple Street’ who was injured in a railway accident involving the collision of two trains at Brislington (Bristol Mercury, Bristol Times).
1852 Temple Street, Temple parish (P).
1858 6 Dec. A stoneware manufacturer, he died at Vincent Place, Bedminster. Letters of Administration were granted to Martha Melsom, his widow, and Francis Melsom, his son. Effects were valued at under £3000 (Ancestry website).
1860 4 Oct. Conveyance of 124 Temple Street (No. 2 in Plan Book) a messuage and buildings in the rear used as a Stoneware Pottery and warehouses with court yard.  Leases: Francis & Edward Melsom, lease dated 22 Mar 1836 for 99 years held on the life of Edward Melsom, occupier Edward Melsom (P/St.T/D30).
Francis, born c1837 in Bristol (41C), George, born c1839 in Bristol (41C), Martha, born c1840 in Bristol (41C), Harriet, born c1846 in Bristol (51C), George, born c1848 in Bristol (51C), Joseph, born c1850 in Bristol (51C).


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