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Possibly the father of John Mearn II (RPR).

1709 18 May. John, son of Henry Mearn, baptised (RPR).
1713 3 May. Daniel, son of Henry Mearn, baptised (RPR).
1713 6 Aug. He became a free gallypotmaker, as he had been apprenticed to Thomas Frank I (F).
1722 Potter, St Mary Redcliffe parish (P).
1726 12 Aug. ‘Henry Mearn, aged upwards of 40 years’ buried (RPR).
1726 23 Aug. ‘Henry Mearne, potter, St Mary Redcliffe’ buried (RB).
1730 12 Dec. Possibly his wife, Elizabeth Mearn, ‘aged about 50 years’ buried (RPR).
Rate and tax book entries:
1709-1720 Henry Mearn (SMR-LS,PR,L)
29 Sep 1721-25 Mar 1727] Henry Mearn Redcliffe Hill (SMR-PR,L)
[1727-25 Mar 1729 Widow Mearn (SMR-PR)

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