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See the Potteries List section for the St Philip’s Pottery 3.

c1760-76 William Maynard I ran the St Philip’s Pottery 3.

Various addresses are given for Maynard’s Pottery but it was certainly in Bread Street in St Philip’s parish in the late 18th century.  The Pottery was presumably taken over by William Maynard II.

1754 27 May. A potter of Bristol, he was bondsman to the administration of the estate of Joseph Maynard of Bristol, weaver (Adm.).
1760 Brick Street (PPR)
1760-61 Old Market (Ao).
1765-68 Three Crown Lane (PPR, Ao).
1769 Back Lane (Ao).
1770 & 73 Brick Lane (PPR).
With wife Mary:
John Weston, 10 Oct 1760 (A, Ao)
Sydenham Osbourne, 31 Jan 1761 (A, Ao)-4 Oct 1774 (F, G)
Earl Pearce I, 31 Jan 1761 (A, Ao)-22 Feb 1772 (F, G)
Robert Adams, 5 Aug or 5 Sep 1761 (A, Ao)-22 Feb 1772 (F, G)
John Pearce, 17 May 1766 (A, Ao)
Joseph Cole, 1 Oct 1768 (A, Ao)
Peter Dean, 29 Oct 1768 (A, Ao)-8 or 9 Sep 1780 (F, G)
William Lawrence, 6 Nov 1769 (A, Ao)-2 Sep 1780 (F, G)
Sarah, bapt 26 Dec 1760 (PPR), Elizabeth (aged 2 years), bapt 9 Jun 1765 (PPR), Nancy, bapt 23 Nov 1766 (PPR), Rebecca, bapt 9 Jun 1770 (PPR), Sophia, bapt 11 Apr 1773 (PPR)


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