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See the Potteries List section for the Stapleton Road Pottery 2.

The Pottery had previously been run by Morgan & Hawley.

1858 Mayer & Company ran the Stapleton Road Pottery 2.

The Pottery was advertised for sale in 1859 and does not seem to have operated again after that date.

1858 Mayer & Co., earthenware manufacturers, Cornwallis Pottery, Stapleton Road (Slater’s D).
1858 26 Jun. Cornwallis Pottery, Stapleton Road. Auction on the instructions of the first mortgagee of: ‘Lot 1. The whole of the manufactory, standing on an area 200 feet by 70, comprising a steam engine and boiler; two glaze, two enamel, one biscuit, and one fritt kilns; two biscuit and one glost warehouses; press, printing, and painting rooms; workshop, stable, counting house, and all other buildings and erections thereon … Lot 8. All that brick-built messuage or dwelling-house and garden, adjoining the last lot, containing ten rooms and having a supply of both sorts of water’. Also 6 plots of ground well adapted as sites for cottages (Bristol Mercury).
1859 30 Jul. ‘Cornwallis Pottery, Stapleton Road, Bristol. To be sold, on advantageous terms, or to be let for a moderate rental, the above property, together with the substantial dwelling house and garden adjoining, which may be treated for as an entire property or separately.  The buildings and appliances are those required for an extensive trade as a pottery, and may be easily converted into any other factory where room and the immediate advantages of an unbounded supply of water and labour and coals at a cheap rate are indispensable.  The capacity of the dwelling house is such as would be required for a proprietor.  Two-thirds of the purchase money may remain on mortgage. To view apply on the premises; and to treat to W.H. Williams & Co., estate agents, Exchange, Bristol’ (Bristol Mercury).
1860 26 May. ‘Steam engine for sale. A vertical steam engine, about 8 horse power, 7 inch cylinder, and 15 inch stroke, with flywheel, feed pump, taps, pipes, boiler, etc. May be seen at Cornwallis Pottery’ (Bristol Mercury).

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