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See the Potteries List section for the Wilder Street Pottery.

The Pottery had previously been run by his father, William Matchin I.

1788-1812 William Matchin II ran the Wilder Street Pottery.

William Matchin II died in May 1812 and the Pottery was taken over by Edward Matchin, who was probably his son.


He was the son of William Matchin I and the father of Benjamin Matchin and probably Edward Matchin.

1782 22 Mar. A potter of St James’s parish he was granted his freedom ‘having married a freeman’s daughter but the father neglected taking up his freedom til after his daughter’s birth’ (PF).
1786 30 Oct. Benjamin Matchin baptised (JaPR).
1788 Land Tax returns suggest that he took over the pottery from his father (St James-L).
1789 5 Dec. ‘William Matchin, Junr. respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he continues his fine glaz’d Pan and Garden Pot Manufactory, Wholesale and Retail, as usual, in Wilder-street, St Paul’s, Bristol – A Report having been propagated he has declin’d the business, W.M. in justice to himself offers this to the public, to inform them such report is groundless, and humbly solicits their favoure, which will ever be gratefully acknowledged.  N.B. Country Shopkeepers supply’d on the shortest notice’ (BMBJ).
1792 William Matchin, potter, Wilder Street (RD).
1793-1811 William Matchin, potter, Wilder Street (MD).
1793-1811 Clerk of St James’s church (MD).
1798 10 Mar. ‘Wednesday fe’nnight died master John Matchin, son of Mr Matchin in Wilder Street’ (FFJ).
1806 31 Dec. His son Benjamin was apprenticed to Edward Patience (A, Ao).
1812 William Matchin, potter, 9 Wilder Street (MD).
1812 Clerk of Temple parish, Vicarage House, Temple Street (MD).
1812 6 May. He was buried at St Paul’s church (Ancestry website).
1812 9 May. Died ‘Saturday last, after a short illness, Mr Wm Matchin, potter, Wilder Street’ (BM).
Rate and tax book entries:
[29 Sep 1774 Wm Matchin ¼ void Cumberland Street (St James-L)
[30 Sep 1787-25 Mar 1788 Wm Matchin Junr Wilder St (St James-L)
25 Mar 1800-29 Sep 1810 ‘Proprietor: W Machin Occupier: W. Machin’ (St James-L)
29 Sep 1789-29 Sep 1812 Wm Matchin Ho. & Yd. Wilder St (St James/St Paul-Wa).
25 Mar 1797-25 Mar 1798 William Matchin Wilder St (St Paul-LS)
25 Mar 1775-25 Mar 1777 Wm Matchin jnr Wilder St (St James-PR)
25 Sep 1798-25 Mar 1812 William Matchin Wilder St (St Paul-PR)
29 Sep 1800-25 Mar 1801 Wm Matchin One before Cumberland St (St Paul-PR)


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