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See the Potteries List section for the Wilder Street Pottery.

The Pottery had previously been run by Jane Matchin, who was probably his mother.

1819-20 Benjamin Matchin ran the Wilder Street Pottery, in partnership with Edward Matchin, who may have been his brother, trading as B. & E. Matchin.
1821-37 Benjamin Matchin ran the Wilder Street Pottery.

The pottery was then taken over by John Duffett II.


Born c1799 in Bristol, the son of William II and, probably, Jane Matchin (A, Ao, 51C).

1806 31 Dec. He was apprenticed to Edward Patience (A, Ao).
1816 7 Nov. He obtained his freedom (F).
1817 23 Dec. He married Charlotte Ann Peplow at St Philip’s church (Ancestry website).
1818 24 Aug. Wilder Street, St Paul’s (Ao).
1818 2 Dec. St Paul’s (PPR).
1819-20 B. & E. Matchin, wholesale stone, red and glazed ware, chimney and garden pot manufacturers, 9 Wilder Street (MD).
1820 9 Feb. Wilder Street (PPR).
1821-24 B. Matchin, wholesale red and glazed ware, chimney and garden pot manufacturer, 9 Wilder Street (MD).
1824 26 Feb. Wilder Street, St Paul’s (Ao)
1824 31 Oct. St Paul’s (JaPR).
1825-34 B. Matchin, red and glazed ware, 9 Wilder Street (MD).
1826 25 Dec. St Paul’s (JaPR).
1830 Wilder Street, St Paul’s (P).
1830 18 Apr. St Paul’s (PPR).
1832 Wilder Street, St Paul’s (P).
1832 Benjamin Matchin, House & Pottery, Wilder Street (BRO 04736, List of Electors).
1832 15 Apr. St Paul’s (PPR).
1835 Wilder Street, St Paul’s (P).
1835-37 Benjamin Matchin, potter, 9 Wilder Street (MD).
1838 20 Oct. Reference to ‘the Old Pottery, near the bottom of Dean Street, St Paul’s’ (Bristol Mercury).
1851 Journeyman stoneware pattern maker, 13 Courtland Grove, Clapham, Surrey (52), living with his wife Charlotte (50), born in Bristol, and children (51C).
With wife Charlotte
Joseph Mare, 24 Aug 1818 (A, Ao)
Thomas Macey, 26 Feb 1824 (A, Ao)
Rate book entries:
[25 Mar 1820-29 Sep 1822 Ben. Matchin Wilder Street House, etc (St Paul-H)
29 Sep 1822-25 Mar 1824 Landlord: Jane Matchin Occup: Benjamin Matchin Wilder Street House & Pottery (St Paul-PR)
29 Sep 1824-29 Sep 1830 Machin Wilder Street (St Paul-Wa)
29 Sep 1827-21 Dec 1835 Benjamin Matchin Wilder Street/Next to Portland Row (St Paul-Wa)
21 Dec 1827-21 Dec 1829 Benj. Matchin Wilder Street (St Paul-Church Rates)
Wife Charlotte Ann: John Job Peplow, born 19 Oct 1818, bapt 2 Dec 1818 (PPR), Mary Matilda, born 7 Jan 1820, bapt 9 Feb 1820 (PPR), Charles John Peplow, bapt 31 Oct 1824 (JaPR), James Edwin, bapt 25 Dec 1826 (JaPR), Corbit Walter, bapt 18 Apr 1830 (PPR), Alfred Walter, bapt 15 Apr 1832 (PPR)


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