Posted on: October 16th, 2016 by webfooted
1740 6 Nov. ‘Anne Thomas agst John Longbottom At Mr Watkin’s next Door to the Sign of the Punch Bowl in Limekiln Lane’ (C).
1741 20 Aug. ‘Edward Wilkins agst John Longbottom At Samuel Stakeys Shipwright under Brandon Hill or at the pothouse. Thursday 3rd Sept 1741, Debt proved to be 11s.6d for meat and drink and money lent, ordered it to be paid with costs at 1s a week’ (C).
1741 17 Sep. ‘Philip Stockman [potter] agst John Longbottom at the Pothouse in Limekiln Lane.  Thursday the 24th Sept 1741, Debt proved to be 8s.3d for victuals and drink, order’d it to be paid with costs at 1s a week’ (C).
1750 1 Nov. Possibly the John Longbottom ‘Pot-Turner in the Glasgow Pot-House, aged 42, or thereby’ gave evidence in the Delftfield Pottery Case.  If so, then sometime before 1747 he had been working for three or four months at Joseph Fortee’s Pottery at Lambeth (Scottish Pottery Society 81/76).


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