Posted on: March 13th, 2018 by Reg Jackson

Born c1854 in St George, the son of Aaron Johnson II and brother of Annie and Sarah Johnson (71C).

1871 Pottery printer, Whites Hill, St George (17), living with his parents and siblings (71C).
1881 Earthenware printer, Hanham Common, Bitton, Gloucestershire (27), living with his wife Ellen (28), born in Hanham, Gloucestershire, and children Alice (5) and Florence (3), both born in Hanham, and his mother-in-law Mary Perriman, born in Bitton (81C).
1891 Chocolate maker, Chapel Road, Oldland, Gloucestershire (37), living with his wife Ellen and children including Elsie (9) and Gilbert (6), both born in Bitton (91C).

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