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Born c1868 in Temple parish, the father of Robert Jefferies (91C, 11C).

1888 17 Dec. Passage Street, St Philip’s parish (21) the son of George Jefferies, butcher, he married Rosa Lewis (20) of Passage Street, the daughter of Robert Lewis, deceased, a painter (PPR).
1891 83 Park Street, Bedminster (23), living with his wife Rosa (22), and children Clara (2) and James (7 mths), all born in Bristol (91C).
1901 86 Park Street, Knowle (33), living with his wife Rosa (32) and children Clara (12), James (10), Robert (9), Minnie (7), William (6), Kitty (4), Teddy (3) and John (1) (01C).
1911 Potter, redware, 208 Bath Road (Kitchener Terrace), Knowle (42), living with his wife Rosa (43) and children Robert (19), Minnie (17), William (16), Elizabeth (Kitty) (14), Edward (13), John (11), Esther (9), Jinnie (8), Rosa (5), Albert (4) and Edith (1), all born in Bedminster (11C).
1915 25 Mar. Described as a middle-aged man, employed at the Albert Pottery Co., he was charged with four others of killing or taking two linnets, and also with cruelty to them. The bird catchers were found in a field adjoining Sparke-Evans Park, St Philip’s Marsh with a net, two linnets pegged to the ground, and a linnet in a cage.   Jefferies admitted he had a net, but no decoys, and had not caught any birds.  He was found guilty and fined 10s (Western Daily Press).

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