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Born c1833 in St James’s parish, Bath (61C).

1861 Potter branch placer, 78 Regent Street, St Philip’s parish (28), living with his wife Mary (24) a tailor and dress maker, born in St James’s, Bath (61C).
1866 4 May. ‘Henry Smith Humphreys was charged under a warrant with neglecting to maintain his wife and child, whereby they became chargeable to the parish of Temple … The prisoner had broken up his furniture, and left his wife in a state of destitution. Prisoner said he was a printer in a pottery and only earned 8s 6d last week. Of this sum he gave his wife 6s, paid 2s to his club, and spent 6d upon himself. Besides this she earned 4s 6d last week … Said he might earn more money but for his lazy and dissolute habits, and for a long time past he had given her very little money indeed. Prisoner had given notice to quit his employment on Saturday next, and intended to leave the city. He was allowed to retire and make arrangements for the future maintenance of his wife’ (Western Daily Press).
1871 Potter printer, 81 Heathcote Road, Longton, Staffordshire (38), living with his wife Catherine (31) and children Henry (3), born in Longton and Alice 1½, born in Bristol (71C).

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