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Born in 1836 in St Philip’s parish, the son of Joseph Howell and the brother of John Howell II and Henry Joseph Howell, and the father of John William Howell (41C, 51C, 61C).

1837 5 Nov. Born 23 Jul 1836 he was baptised, the son of Joseph and Mary Howell (PPR).
1851 Apprentice stone potter, 5 Lewis’s Buildings, Temple parish (15), living with his parents Joseph and Mary Howell and siblings (51C).
1855 2 Sep. Brown’s Row, Bedminster (20), the son of Joseph Howell, potter, he married Elizabeth Thomas (19) of Brown’s Row, the daughter of John Thomas, an engineer (JBPR).
1861 Driver, Royal Artillery, New Granby House Artillery Barracks, Morice, Stoke Damerel, Devon (25) (61C).
1871 Stoneware potter, 3 Francis Place, Bedminster (35), living with his wife Elizabeth (38), born in Bristol, and children Mary Ellen (10), Selina Elizabeth (7), John William (4) and Eliza Ann (1), all born in Bristol (71C).
1881 His wife was a widow, living with her children including Kate (7), born in Bristol (81C).
1882 1 Oct. Noted as a potter, deceased, when his daughter Mary Ellen Howell (22) of St Philip’s parish married George Thomas Evans (PPR).


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