Posted on: October 15th, 2016 by webfooted

Born c1823 in Temple parish, the son of Joseph Howell I and brother of Henry Joseph Howell and William Howell II (61C).

1841 Journeyman potter, Avon Cottage, St Philip’s Marsh, St Philip’s parish (18), living with his father, Joseph, and stepmother Mary Howell (see 1861 census which notes Mary as his stepmother), and siblings (41C).
1851 Journeyman stoneware potter, 5 Lewis’s Buildings, Temple parish (28).  Living with his parents Joseph and Mary Howell and sublings (51C).
1852 Lewis’s Buildings, Temple parish (P).
1861 Stoneware potter, 5 Lewis’s Buildings, Temple parish (38) (61C).
1871 Confectioner, 47 Temple Street, Temple parish (49), living with his wife Mary (46), born in London (71C).


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