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Born c1797 in Ashley, Staffordshire, the father of Thomas Emmanuel Howard and Eliza Howard (PaPR, 41C).

1841 Potter, Waterloo Road, Burslem (40), living with his wife Fanny (45), born in Staffordshire, and children (41C).
1846 2 Jun. Noted as a potter when his son Thomas Emanuel Howard, a potter of Milk Street, married Matilda Ann Watson (PaPR).
1848 6 Feb. Noted as a potter when his daughter Hannah of Lower Colstons Parade married Joseph Thomas, a potter (RPR).
1851 Earthenware painter, 5 Zion Terrace, Bedminster (54) (51C).
1852 Zion Terrace, Bedminster (P).
1861 Lodging house keeper, 8 Sion Row, Clifton (60), living with his wife Mary (39), born in Portishead, Somerset, and children (61C).
1871 Lodging house keeper, 14 Mall, Clifton (64), living with his wife Mary (48) and children (71C).
1881 Potter, 14 Dean Street, St Paul’s parish (84), living with his wife Mary (60) (81C).
Sarah, born c1817 in Staffordshire (41C), [Thomas] Emmanuel, born c1821 in Staffordshire (41C), Eliza, born c1824 in Burslem, Staffordshire (51C), Hannah, born c1826 in Staffordshire (41C), George, born c1834 in Longport, Staffordshire (51C), Joseph, born c1857 in Clifton (61C), Arthur, born c1859 in Clifton (61C)


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