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Born c1828 in Temple parish (51C).

1849 23 Dec. 44 Temple Street, Temple parish, the son of John Hole, accountant, he married Jane Walkins of Crown, Church Street, the daughter of James Walkins, an iron moulder (TPR).
1851 Potter’s labourer, 24 Avon Street, Temple parish (23), living with his wife Jane (24) born in Tintern, Monmouthshire (51C).
1861 Gloster Lane, St Philip’s parish (33), living with his wife Jane (34) and child Mary Jane (15), born in Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire (61C).
1862 15 Sep. John Hole of the Rose and Crown, Broad Plain, applied to renew his license. He had been in business for 14 or 16 months, and had been in the employ of the Bristol Pottery Company for many years. His license was not renewed as it was alleged that he kept a disorderly house frequented by prostitutes and their clients (Western Daily Press).
1871 Licensed victualler, The Ship, 9 Avon Street, Temple parish (43), living with his wife Jane (44) (71C).
1881 Potter, Gardener’s Arms, Fishponds Road (52). Described as married but his wife is not recorded in the census (81C).
1891 Potter, widower, Salutation Beer House, Charles Place, Clifton (63), living with his sister Mary Ann Hole (67), publican (91C).


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