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See the Potteries List section for the Redcliff Back Pottery 2.

c1756-c59 It appears that Harwell established a Pottery on Redcliff Back in about 1756, although it was not described as a ‘pothouse’ until 1760.

The rate books are confusing about when Harwell left the Pottery.  The Lamp and Scavenging Rate lists it as John Harwell’s Potthouse between 1760 and 1761, but the Poor Rate and Watch Rate show it as occupied by Richard Frank between 1759 and 1761.

He was succeeded at the Pottery by Richard Frank.


The son of William Harwell of Bedminster, Somerset, weaver (A) and the father of Thomas Harwell (F).

1733 He was apprenticed to Joseph I and Sarah Taylor, £3 paid with the apprentice.  Friends to find apparel (A, Ao, Ar).
1740 30 Jun or 6 Jul. He became a free gallypotmaker (F, G).
1743-44 He stood surety for Martin Dias to keep an alehouse in St Mary Redcliffe parish (AKL).
1745 17 Apr. He married Susannah Lamb at St Mary Redcliffe church (RPR).
1754 Gallypotmaker, St Mary Redcliffe parish (P).
1758 6 Feb. Potter, St Mary Redcliffe parish (Ao).
1758-64 He stood sureties for Edward Sperin to keep an alehouse in St Mary Redcliffe parish (AKL).
1761-62 He stood sureties for George Lett to keep an alehouse in St Mary Redcliffe parish (AKL).
1762 He stood surety for Thomas Patience, potter, to keep an alehouse in Temple parish (AKL).
1762-64 He stood sureties for John Dally to keep an alehouse in St Mary Redcliffe parish (AKL).
1763-64 He stood sureties for John Hope, potter, to keep an alehouse in St Mary Redcliffe parish (AKL).
1771-72 He stood sureties for William Pain, John Fry and John Webb to keep alehouses in Temple parish (AKL).
1774 5 Oct. He was described as a gallypotmaker, deceased, when his son Thomas became a free potter (F, G).
With wife Susannah:
Joseph Mearn, 6 Feb or 6 Mar 1758 (A, Ao)-29 Oct 1774 (F, G)
Tax and Rate book entries:
Property 1:
29 Sep 1749-29 Sep 1773] John Harwell Redcliffe Street/Pit/Back/Pile Street (SMR-PR,W,Wa,L,LS)
29 Sep 1773-25 Mar 1774] John Harwell or occupier Redcliffe Street (SMR-L)Property 2:
[25 Mar 1756-29 Sep 1756] Harwells warehouse Redcliff Back (SMR-PR)
[29 Sep 1756-25 Mar 1759] John Harwells warehouse and tenement Redcliff Back (SMR-PR)
[29 Sep 1757-29 Sep 1759] John Harwell (late Crosses Dwelling and Glass House) Redcliff Back (SMR-Wa)
1760-1761 John Harwells Potthouse and tenements Redcliff Back (SMR-LS)
William, bapt 31 Jul 1744 (RPR), Ann, bapt 19 Jul 1747 (RPR), Thomas, bapt 18 Mar 1749 (RPR), Susannah, bapt 2 Sep 1753 (RPR), John, bapt 28 Feb 1755 (RPR)


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