HANN Benjamin

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Born c1827 in Bristol, father of John II, Alfred and Walter Hann (61C).

1848-55 Temple parish (TPR).
1851 Potter’s labourer, 48 Colston Street, Bedminster (24), living with his wife Ann (21), born in St Mary Redcliffe parish, and daughter Harriet (51C).
1861 Pottery labourer, 10 Somerset Place, Bedminster (34), living with his wife Ann (32) born in Bristol, and children (61C).
1862 6 Sep. Possibly the Benjamin Ham a married man with a large family who was ‘charged with indecently exposing his person on the premises of the Bristol and Exeter Railway Company.  William Clampit, a railway policeman, stated that he saw the prisoner standing near a wagon on the incline, and he turned towards a lady who was near the spot and committed the offence charged, apparently with the deliberate intention of insulting her. He believed that he did so for ten minutes to a quarter of an hour …  Mr Richard Haynes, foreman at Mr Powell’s pottery, deposed that the prisoner had been in Mr Powell’s employ for a number of years, and had always borne a good character.  The Magistrates considered the case fully proved, and the prisoner, who strongly denied the charge, and said he was there for a natural purpose, was sentenced to six weeks’ hard labour, the full term being mitigated in consequence of the good character given him by the foreman’ (Bristol Mercury).
1871 Labourer, 4 Hillier’s Court, St Mary Redcliffe parish (44), living with his wife Ann (41) and children (71C).
1881 Potter’s labourer, 1 Parrotts Court, Pile Street (54), living with his wife Ann (52) and children (81C).
Amelia, bapt 24 Sep 1848 (TPR), Harriet Augusta, bapt 2 Jun 1850 (TPR), Charlotte, born c1854 in Bristol (61C), James, bapt 30 Sep 1855 (TPR), John, born c1858 in Bristol (61C), William, born c1859 in Bristol (61C), Alfred, born c1865 in Bristol (81C), Walter, born c1867 in Bristol (81C)


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