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The son of Josiah Godfrey, weaver, and the brother of Josiah Godfrey, potter (F).

1739 2 Nov. He became a free potter (F, G).
1739 Potter, Temple parish (P).
1740 He stood surety of £5 for William Thomas to keep an alehouse in Temple parish (AKL).
1743 He stood surety of £5 for Nathaniel Cambridge to keep an alehouse in Temple parish (AKL).
1754 Potter, Temple parish (P).
1762 25 Oct. He was described as a potter when his son, Henry, was apprenticed to Samuel Pavey, glazier (A).
1767 21 Nov. A lease refers to Henry Godfrey, aged 18 years, son of James Godfrey, potter, who was one of the lives on another lease dated 24 June 1763 in respect of a property on Temple Backs (BRO Temple Ab313).
1769 6 Jul. ‘Know all Men … that We the Mayor Burgesses and Commonality of Bristol do owe … to James Godfrey of the City of Bristol, Potter, in the Sum of Nine hundred and Seventy Eight Pounds Six Shillings and Six Pence half penny … in trust and to and for the use and Benefit of the Hospital situate in Temple Street in the said City of Bristol founded by Dr Thomas White (deceased)’ (BRO 04106(2)).
1774 Potter, Temple parish (P).
1775 Potter, 19 Temple Street (SD).
1775 25 Mar. Described as a potter when his son, James, was apprenticed to a cordwainer (A).
1780 2 Sep. Noted as a potter when William Horwood became a free hooper because of his marriage to James Godfrey’s daughter Mary (G).
1781 31 Jan. Noted as a potter when his son, James, became a free cordwainer (G).
1781 & 1784 Potter, Temple Street (P).
1790 22 Feb. He was dead when his son, John, was apprenticed to William Harwood, cooper (A).
Rate and tax book entries:
[25 Mar 1748-29 Sep 1786] James Godfrey Temple Street (Temple-W,Wa,L,LS)
Wife Mary
Ann, bapt 27 Apr 1746 (TPR), Henry, bapt 3 Apr 1748 (TPR), Mary, bapt 10 Sep 1750 (TPR), James, apprenticed 25 Mar 1775 (A)


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