GAGE Daniel

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Born c1801 in Bristol (41C).

1822 6 Apr. Married (FM).
1825 & 27 China painter, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1826 15 Jun. Obtained his freedom as a pottery painter (FM).
1830 Pottery printer, Holmes Court, Castle Street, Castle Precincts (P).
1832 & 34 Pottery printer, Three Queens Lane, St Thomas’s parish (List of Electors BRO 04736).
1832 Pottery printer, Three Queens Lane, St Thomas’s parish (P).
1835 Pottery printer, Thomas Street, St Thomas parish (P).
1841 Labourer, Prospect Parade, St Philip’s parish (40), born in county, living with his wife Ann (39), born in county, and children (41C).
1868 30 Jul. Noted as a pottery painter and free burgess when his sons Francis Henry Gage, a lithographer’s assistant, and Emanuel Gage, a packer, obtained their freedoms as they were the sons of a free burgess (FM).
Daniel, bapt 19 Jun 1825 (PPR), James, bapt 19 Jun 1825 (PPR), Ann, bapt 3 Jun 1827 (PPR), William, born c1833 in county (41C), Robert, born c1835 in county (41C), Joseph, born c1837 in county (41C), Francis Henry, born 10 Jul 1841 (FM), Emanuel, born 9 Nov 1844 (FM)


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