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See the Potteries List section for the Counterslip Pottery and the 124 Temple Street Pottery.

Counterslip Pottery
The Pottery had previously been run by Joseph and William Read.

1783-85 Joseph Gadd and Thomas Patience ran the Counterslip Pottery. 

Thomas Patience died in December 1785.

1786-97 Joseph Gadd & Co. ran the Counterslip Pottery.

In 1796 Joseph Gadd entered into partnership with Charles Price I and in 1797 they  transferred production to the 124 Temple Street Pottery.

The Counterslip Pottery was taken over by William Maynard II.

124 Temple Street Pottery

1797-98 Joseph Gadd and Charles Price I ran the 124 Temple Street Pottery.

Joseph Gadd died in April 1798 and subsequently Charles Price I ran the 124 Temple Street Pottery alone.


1780 30 Oct. A potter of St Mary Redcliffe parish, he was granted a licence to marry Precilla Cox of Bedminster at St Mary Redcliffe (M).
1780 31 Oct. ‘Joseph Gadd, potter, married Pricilla Cox, Bedminster, spinst.’ (RPR).
1781 11 Dec. A potter of Cathay, St Mary Redcliffe parish, he petitioned for freedom (PF).
1781 15 Dec. He became a free potter by Order of Common Council and payment of a fine of £8.8s (F, G).
1784 Potter, Temple parish (P).
1785 In partnership with Thomas Patience and trading as Patience and Gadd at Counterslip, Temple parish (BBD).
1785 16 Mar. Potter, Counterslip (Ao).
1787 Joseph Gadd & Co., potters, Counterslip (BD).
1787 18 Jun. Probably the Joseph Gadd who married Ann Brewer in Clifton (Ancestry website).
1789 29 Sep. The Bedminster Pottery sold Joseph Gadd & Co. of Temple Street, ‘5 large crates’ for 5s (Bedminster Pottery Day Book).
1792-3 Joseph Gadd & Co., stone potters, Temple Back/Counterslip (RD, MD).
1793 15 Apr. Potter, Counterslip (Ao).
1794-98 Joseph Gadd & Co., brown stone potters, Counterslip (MD).
1796 1 Nov. He entered into partnership with Charles Price, potter (BRO Will 1798).
1798 23 Mar. Will: ‘Joseph Gadd … Potter … I bequeath my Body to be interred in the Grave of my former Wife in the Church Yard of Saint Mary Redcliffe, which grave is at the Foot Stone of her Father’s, namely James Cox, … I … appoint Ann Gadd my dearly beloved Wife to be my sole Executrix … I give and bequeath all my Estate … to her the said Ann Gadd … except fifty pounds … which I give and bequeath to my daughter Catharine … I will and bequeath that my Executrix the said Ann Gadd, and my said Daughter Catharine be allowed Weekly, and every Week, the sum of fourteen shillings for their joint Maintenance, out of the joint Trade or Co-partnership with Mr Charles Price of the said City of Bristol; in the Art or Trade as Manufacturers of Brown Stone Ware during the full Term of seven Years as specified in the Articles of Co-partnership, made the first day of November in the Year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety-six … (BRO Will 1798).

This will was proved 14 Aug 1798.

1798 1 Apr. Joseph Gadd died (BG).
John Bright, 16 or 21 Mar 1785 (A, Ao)With wife Ann:
Edward Patience, 15 Apr 1793 (A, Ao)
Tax and rate book entries:
Property 1:
[25 Mar 1783-21 Dec 1797 Joseph Gadd & Co. Counterslip (Temple-W,Wa,L,LS)
[29 Sep 1797-25 Mar 1798] late Gadd & Co. (void) Counterslip (Temple-L)Property 2:
[29 Sep 1797-29 Sep 1798] Joseph Gadd & Co. Temple St (Temple-L,Wa)

Property 3:
[29 Sep 1786-29 Sep 1791 Joseph Gadd & Co. a yard and warehouse Counterslip (Temple-Wa)
1791 Joseph Gadd a warehouse Counterslip (Temple-LS)

Property 4:
21 Dec 1795-21 Dec 1797 Joseph Gadd & Co. a cellar Counterslip (Temple-LS)


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