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Born c1851 in Rumney, Monmouthshire, the son of John Ellis II and the brother of Arthur Ellis (71C).

1867 14 Sep & 21 Sep. Henry Ellis, who was employed as a clerk at the Victoria Pottery Company which was managed by his father, John Ellis, was charged (with others) with obtaining money by threats from Charles Joseph Whittuck, one of the directors of the pottery.  Three letters were sent to Whittuck asking for money in exchange for not disclosing ‘a secret’ which the prisoners claimed to have in their possession.  During a subsequent court appearance it was stated that the case against Ellis involved too serious consequences to allow of his being admitted to bail. He had committed an offence for which he was liable to penal servitude for the remainder of his life (Bristol Mercury).
1868 4 Apr. Henry Ellis was brought before the Spring Assize in Bristol.  Several witnesses gave Ellis a good character and when he was called, he said that he had no intention of extorting money from Mr Whittuck. ‘He thought only to have a spree with him and was not aware that he was committing a criminal act’. The judge took into account that he had been in prison for six months awaiting trial, and sentenced him to a further period of four months in custody (Bristol Mercury).
1871 Commercial traveller in the earthenware business, Crown Pottery, Clouds Hill, St George (20), living with his wife Eliza (24) born in Wrington, Somerset (71C).
1881 Clerk, earthenware manufacturer, Stratford House, St George (30), living with his wife Eliza (32) (81C).
1891 Earthenware merchant, 3 Woodstock Road, Poplar, London (40), living with his wife Eliza (40) (91C).

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