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See the Potteries section for the 124 Temple Street Pottery and the Pipe Lane Pottery.

124 Temple Street Pottery

The Pottery had previously been run by Charles Price I and Joseph Read, trading as Price & Read.

1805-16 John Duffett ran the 124 Temple Street Pottery.

By 1817 John Duffett I was also operating the Pipe Lane Pottery on Temple Back.

1817-20 John Duffett I ran the 124 Temple Street and the Pipe Lane Potteries.

John Duffett I then moved all his business to the Pipe Lane Pottery and the 124 Temple Street Pottery was taken over by John Milsom.

Pipe Lane Pottery

John Duffett I established the Pipe Lane Pottery.

1817-20 John Duffett I ran the Pipe Lane and Temple Street Potteries.
1821-31 John Duffett I ran only the Pipe Lane Pottery.

John Duffett I died in June 1831 and then the Pottery was run by his wife, Susannah, and his son, John Duffett II, trading as S. Duffett & Son.


The son of Josiah Duffett (PPR), and the father of Charles Duffett I and John Duffett II.

1780 24 Sep. He was baptised, the son of Josiah and Judith Duffett, potter, of Avon Street, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1805 John Duffett, potter, Temple Street (MD).
1806-16 John Duffett, potter, 124 Temple Street (MD).
1808 9 Jan. He obtained his freedom by virtue of being the son of Josiah Duffett, potter (F).
1808 12 Jan. Temple Street (Ao).
1812 124 Temple Street, Temple parish (P).
1814 6 Jun. Temple parish (TPR).
1817 John Duffett, potter, 124 Temple Street, factory: Pipe Lane (MD).
1818 John Duffett, potter, 124 Temple Street, pottery: Pipe Lane (MD).
1818 23 Jul. Temple Street (Ao).
 1819-20 John Duffett, red ware potter, 124 Temple Street, pottery: Pipe Lane (MD).
1821-31 John Duffett, red ware potter, Pottery, Temple Back (MD).
1822 4 Apr. Temple Backs (Ao).
1822 Residence: Hope Cottage, Commercial Road (MD).
1822 2 May. Noted as a potter when his son, George was apprenticed to James Meon, a carrier (A).
1823 Pipe Lane, Temple Street. Prop: John Duffett. Occup: John Duffett. Hope Cottage £22.

Temple Street west side/corner of Goughs Yard. Prop: Thomas Gough. Occup: John Duffett. Pottery £23. (1823 Survey BRO 04248).

1824 20 Mar. ‘Late on Sunday night or early Monday morning some thieves entered the pottery of Mr J. Duffett, on Temple Backs, and stole a horse and cart, with 20 bushels of beans, etc. with which they got off undiscovered. The horse and cart were found Monday morning about four o’clock in Stoke’s-croft’ (FFJ).
1824 9 Oct. ‘And on Tuesday night last the premises of Mr Duffett, potter, Temple-backs, were also attempted, but the alarm of a dog waking a man who slept on the premises that night, he discovered two of the predators on the wall and two outside, who escaped on his making an alarm’ (FFJ).
1829 2 Jun. Temple Backs (Ao).
1830 Temple Back (P).
1831 4 Jun. The will of John Duffett of Bristol, potter.  He made the following provisions:

To wife Susannah all household goods, furniture, plate, linen, china and all articles of domestic use, also all monies and securities.  The effects valued at £450.

To Henry Sadler, wine and spirit merchant, Thomas Carlisle, grocer and Joseph Rumbold, sadler, all my messuages, tenements and premises with warehouses and buildings thereto belonging situate in Temple Backs, and also all stock and implements in trade … in trust to allow Susannah and son John to use the premises without paying rent.

I desire the said trade to be carried on under the firm of Susannah Duffett and Son, the profits of the firm to go ⅔rd to Susannah, ⅓rd to John.  If John wishes to retire from the trade he must give 6 months notice.  Books to be drawn up and Susannah must give John ⅓rd value thereof. If Susannah dies all goes to son John.

While John lodges with his mother he must pay her £40 per annum.

My son Charles to be supported during his minority.

When Charles reaches his majority he is to be paid £20 per annum until 25 years of age or in lieu he must be paid £150 to put him in business.

The will was proved 26 June 1832 (BRO Will).

1831 14 Jun.  ‘Died … age 50, Mr John Duffett, of the city, highly respected by all who knew him’ (BG).
With wife Susannah
John Clark, 12 Jan 1808 (A, Ao), free 16 Jun 1818 (F)
William Cox, 23 Jul 1818 (A, Ao)
John Duffett II, his son, 4 Apr 1822 (A, Ao)
Charles, his son, 2 Jun 1829 (A, Ao)
Rate book entries:
Property 1: Pottery
1804-1805 John Duffett Temple Street (Temple-Wa,H,LS)
29 Sep 1807-29 Sep 1812 John Duffett Temple Street (Temple-Wa)
5 Nov 1805-25 Mar 1811 John Duffett Temple Street (Temple-H)Property 2: Pottery
1822-23 John Duffett for Pottery Borough Walls (Temple-H)
1822-35 John Duffett Borough Walls/Temple Backs (Temple-Wa)Property 3: House
1822-23 John Duffett Borough Walls (Temple-H)
1823-35 John Duffett Borough Walls/Temple Backs (Temple-Wa)Property 4: Yard
[1826-32] John Duffett Yard Temple Backs (Temple-Wa)
John, born c1808 (A, Ao), Ann, bapt 2 Feb 1812 (TBT), Charles, bapt 6 Jun 1814 (TPR), George, apprenticed 2 May 1822 (A)


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