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See the Potteries section for the Barton Hill Pottery.

The Pottery had previously been run by his father, Josiah Duffett.

1809-36 James Duffett I ran the Barton Hill Pottery.

The Pottery was then run by James Duffett II, who was probably his son.


The son of Josiah Duffett, potter (PPR).  Probably the father of James Duffett II although referred to as a ‘gentleman’ on his son’s marriage (JBPR).

1787 18 Mar. He was baptised, the son of Josiah and Mary Duffett, potter, Avon Street, St Philip’s parish (PPR).
1809 7 Oct & 21 Oct. ‘Wanted, A Journeyman Brown-Ware Potter, in the neighbourhood of Bristol, to whom constant employ will be given. A person thoroughly calculated for the situation of the above nature, will apply to James Duffett, Potter, Barton Hill, near Bristol’ (FFJ).
1810-18 James Duffett, potter, Barton Hill (MD).
1812 14 Oct.  He obtained his freedom by virtue of his marriage to Sarah, the daughter of Joseph Gibbs, a brick maker (F).
1813 18 Mar. Jacob Street (PePR).
1816 James Duffett, potter, Barton Hill (ED).
1819 22 Dec. Barton Hill (Ao).
1819-36 James Duffett, red ware potter, Barton Hill (MD).
1821 ‘Thomas Jones of Holt in Wilts, maltster, – on his house only in Barton Hill … House adjoining in the tenure of James Duffett £300. House used as a Pottery Two Kilns therein adjoining the last above mentioned but not communicating therewith with a small stable communicating in the same tenure £450’. (Sun Policy 988552).
1827 Plan of Duffett’s Pottery (GRO Q/SRh 1827 B/S).
1828 Duffett’s Pottery shown on Ashmead’s map.
1828 He took over the brick kiln of James Gibbs, his father-in-law (MD).
1828-35 James Duffett, brick and tile maker, St Philip’s Marsh (MD).
1830 Barton Hill, St Philip’s parish (P).
1830 24 Dec. Noted as a brickmaker of St Philip’s parish in a lease taken out by Francis Duffett, victualler, on the White Hart Inn in St James’s parish.  James’s son, James aged 18 years, was named as a ‘life’ in that lease (BRO P/St J/VCD/8/1).
1830-38 J. Duffett and Duffett & Co. were exporting earthenware to Waterford (PB-EXP).
1832 & 34 Barton Hill (List of Electors BRO 04736).
1835 Broad Weir, St Peter’s parish (P).
1835 ‘Barton Hill. House only late in the tenure of James Duffett, but now unoccupied.  House only used as a pottery, two kilns therein adjoining etc.’ (Sun Policy 1197556, BRO 37165 (1/3)).
1826 14 Jan. Died ‘Jan 12, aged 20, after a short illness Ann, the eldest daughter of Mr Duffett, Barton Hill’ (BG).
1837 Red ware potter, Barton Hill (P).
1841 Independent, Barton Hill House, St Philip’s parish (53), living with his wife Sarah and children, and Ann White (27), a servant (41C).
1851 Proprietor of some houses, widower, Barton Hill House, St Philip’s parish (64), living with his son Joseph (27) and Charlotte Hill (25) (51C).
1853 Probably the James Duffett who died in Bristol (Ancestry website).
James, born c1812 in Barton Hill (51C), Henry, bapt 18 Mar 1813 (PePR), Ann, born c1816 (BG), Mariah, born c1826 in county (41C), Joseph, born c1824 in Barton Hill (51C)

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