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See the Potteries section for the Pipe Lane Pottery.

The Pottery had previously been run by his mother, Susannah, and his elder brother, John Duffett II, trading as S. Duffett & Son.  It is not known what happened to Susannah Duffett but by 1841 John Duffett II was in prison.

1843-54 Charles Duffett I ran the Pipe Lane Pottery.

The Pottery was then taken over by William Hutchings I.


Born in 1814 in Bristol, the son of John I and Susannah Duffett, and the brother of John Duffett II (TPR, A, 51C).

1814 6 Jun. He was baptised, the son of John I and Susannah Duffett (TPR).
1829 2 Jun. Aged 14 he was apprenticed to his father John Duffett I and mother Susannah (A, Ao).
1840 A brick maker of Stoney Hill, St Augustine’s parish, the son of John Duffett, potter, he married Elizabeth Blount (APR).
1843-50 Potter, Temple parish (TPR).
1843-54 Charles Duffett (late S. Duffett & Son), red ware potter, Pipe Lane, Temple Back (MD).
1845 Redcliff House, Temple Backs (WL).
1851 Red ware potter, Hope Cottage (next Warwick Arms), Temple parish (36), living with his wife Elizabeth (36) born in Clifton, Worcestershire, children and his mother Susannah Duffett, widow, (65) born Clifton, Worcestershire and Jane Harris (24), servant, born in Carmarthen (51C).
1851 Pipe Lane, House, Owner: Kidd & Co., Occup: Charles Duffett.  Pipe Lane, Pottery, Owner: Trustees of Thomas Gough, Occup. Charles Duffett (BRO 04250(1)).
1852 Pipe Lane, Temple parish (P).
1861 Manager of pottery, widower, Pottery Lane Cottage, Barton Hill, St Philip’s parish (46), living with his widowed mother Susannah (75) and children (61C).
1871 Commercial clerk, 6 Victoria Place, Bedminster (56), living with his wife Mary (37), born in Somerset, and children (71C).
1881 Accountant, 5 Prospect Terrace, Bedminster (66), living with his wife Mary (42), born in Priston, Somerset, and children (81C).
1883 Probably the Charles Duffett who died, aged 69 (Ancestry website).
Louisa L., born c1841 in Bristol (51C), Ellen Elizabeth, bapt 3 Jan 1843 (TPR), Frances Augusta, bapt 5 Jun 1844 (TPR), Charles Blount, bapt 6 May 1846 (TPR), Emma, bapt 24 May 1848 (TPR), John, born 4 Mar 1850, bapt 12 Jun 1850 (TPR), Henry, bapt 27 Dec 1851 (TPR), James, born c1857 in Bedminster (61C), Walter Blount, born c1859 in Bedminster (61C), Mary Elizabeth Stone (step-daughter), born c1862 in London (71C), Henry, born c1865 in Bristol (71C), Harriet Ada, born c1869 in Bristol (71C)., Florence Elizabeth, born c1870 in Bristol (71C), Alice, born c1874 in Bristol (81C)


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